La Bona Dea

Discovering the Divine within and letting Her out!

When it’s over, it’s over, and so it Begins

The vultures came with the premonition of death, the Vikings warning of new territory and adventure, and the Angels came to support me.

The mailman came with a Certified Letter: the square hit in the forehead by the two-by-four I needed to make this necessary change.

Without all the muck, which boiled over from Cerridwyn’s cauldron, the tar-ish goo, sticking to the side and all, I now report I have been tossed from the fire and left to cool……

Little Red Corvette played on the radio.

The story begins where I quite my job, take on writing for a living and live my life along the Priestess Path…
Blessed Be!

Vikings, Vultures, and Angels summon a Slow start, quick changes

Being awesome has its downfalls. Because you are awesome too, I know you know what I mean!

I have been enjoying so much time last year flitting around holding circles, performing wedding ceremonies, laughing, loving, crying, celebrating, cherishing, (some yelling), and I guess…. just the emotional power of love took me over. Then I fell.

My body said no more for now, dearie, you will just have to recoup. So here I am. I have been working on my book, One’s Own Sweet Way for the past two and a half years, and am in the midst of getting it edited…. I have had 7 delightful Beta Readers take a gander at it, and they gave me wonderful feedback. Thank you Gloria, Christine, Jenni, Apryl, Mona, Linda, and to Tami… who still has to return her copy.

Last year my last child graduated from High School, and since the book is about her journey, those years were long. But the accomplishment is amazing! I am so proud of her and of me and of everyone who supported her during that stressful and frightening time. Now she is employed, still involved with dogs, has a driver’s license to go with her diploma and I could not be happier for her.

The New Year at Samhain I got knocked on my butt. The pain, forgetfulness, and exhaustion of fibromyalgia caught up with me. My sis noticed it really, when she saw the constant pain I was in and she heard me complain about every little thing. When you have fibromyalgia, doing a simple chore like the dishes seems hugely overwhelming. She heard my strife and sent me to the doc. I am taking care of myself now, growing stronger with each day, with the return of the light.

Angel's Gifts

I was worried about the meds taking away my creativity, my dreams, and my abilities to manifest and conjure, but I am pleased to find I have come through and my guides and muses are with me.

With Imbolc right around the corner I have been directly visited by an angel who channeled me for a story, she has left feathers, coins, and a purple stone in my path to announce her presence. I have been visited by images of Vikings, and seen FLOCKS of Vultures… the number 1978 made its appearance and- well- It is gonna be an amazing year for me. I hope you will stick around to see how this year unfolds. All I can say, is good thing I am rested up! It’s gonna start slow, but it is gonna take off! Blessings to you for a bright, joyful, healthy, and peaceful 2018! Blessed Be!

Friday the 13th of October

Friday the 13th

Today is a tough one for me.
The fires in Santa Rosa continue to burn, though they are headed east.
I call upon the Goddess to comfort me, mine, and my communities as we gather strength to get through the next days.
I thought this photo was a good one for today, because I am having a hard time “going with the flow”

I love my practice and believe in my faith, but I really don’t like having to put it into use under such stressful times… My human-ness is showing.

My prayers are for all who have suffered loss and who continue to be in harms way from these fires. May you be graced with peace when you can, may you recognized your blessings, no matter how small, and please, please, please, know it will get better and that we, Sonoma County, are here for you. May better days be in our near future. Blessed Be!

Thanks to the creator of this image and I am grateful to post in on my site.
Blessing one and all

Equinox- The Magic of Completion

fall wand

Autumn has arrived and I am scrambling to tidy everything up. Finishing a series on Netflix, the last row on a crocheted scarf, the last chapter of the book it took me all summer to read, cleaning out clutter and perfecting the calendar, mastering a protection potion and some health elixirs, fine tuning a wedding ceremony, and completing more stages for the book I have WRITTEN! as I head toward Samhain.


Like all of that will happen by then! But! There is magic in the air. I noticed the fallen leaf and the branch which landed next to in on my daily constitution. I took the picture because I wanted to remember this natural magical wand. To know I hold the power within myself to create or destruct what ever I need to find my balance at this Equinox is all I really need right now.

Deep breath and deep dive, ready or not, I will strive to go forth with a clean slate for Samhain….. I have so much I wish to do in this next turn of the wheel. Ah, the blessed turn, I feel it, can you?

To help you get ready, take a moment to look back on the year, what did you want or wish for? Did you get it? How was your harvest?

If you did, please be sure to offer thanks and show your gratitude. If you didn’t, re-design a finely detailed plan of what your desires may be, or as the trees which now shed their leaves…. let go of what no longer serves you.

Blessings dear magical ones, be gentle and prepare to enter into the darkness with a light heart!

So Mote it Be!

Gathering the Harvest….

I will be taking a hiatus from Practical Magic Circles as I nearing the completion of my book; Her Own Sweet Way, a story of growing with my daughter while moving through social anxiety, generalized anxiety, PTSD symptoms, and adolescence.

I am also working with my High Priestess on a book for celebrating the wheel of the year…. so look for updates and publication dates in the near future!

(The priestess apprenticeship will use the new book from Ana, High Priestess when we begin!)

The harvest is coming,and like vintners during a hot autumn, I am picking the grapes as fast as I can!

Please let me know if you have any requests as I am available to accommodate rituals and celebrations for you anytime! I have two weddings coming up, and I am so excited to be a part of them.

Thank you dearest ones!

Message from a Fly

Let go of old self doubts and self defeating habits. Know that your dreams are within your reach – you deserve it!

I have been having doubts about fulfilling my dreams. I have heard the voice of NOT GOOD ENOUGH barreling through my mind. But I have had the strength to squelch it and I am stronger every day.

I will put my dreams first. I will take what time I need regardless of other needs for awhile, visions will arrive and money will be made!

So thank you, little fly, thank you for your enormous message, I am ever grateful!
Blessed be the Fly xo

Death at my Lughnasadh Door

Each year at Samhain I pull a Tarot card for each of the Sabbats. I use the traditional Rider-Waite cards for this purpose.

The first card indicates the Energy which I am to be surrounded in from 10/31-12/21.
The next card is the Energy for Yuletide to Imbolc,from 12/21-2/1 and so on. There are eight Holy Days, so I pull eight cards.

Last year for, this year’s guidance during Lughnasadh, I pulled the Death card, so I will be surrounded by the energy of the Death card from 8/1-9/21.

For many the symbols of Death are frightening, unknowing, and sometimes spooky. There are others of us who see the Death card and say “Thank the Goddess and good riddance!” I am usually grateful for the Death card, because for me it typically means the end of a difficult patch, a time to accept what is, and to prepare for rebirth.
This fall is the first back to school season that I have not had a child entering school in 26 years. That is a whole lotta back to school, and this year, I am O- U- T- out! Whoop!

I would never exchange a single back to school day, event the difficult ones, not enough money ones, emotional ones, or apprehensive ones. Each one served its purpose for me and for my children….. but LOOK! Yay! The Death card!!!

With that said I am also letting go of unnecessary chores, tasks, or self assigned obligations. (I am sorry to say that I will be holding moon circles a bit less frequently for a time.) I am weeding out what is not working, modifying what I want to work, and simply allowing myself the pleasure to let things unfold naturally for the first time ever!

Tarot Death Card

So, as I take a look at the “Tarot card for this Wheel of the Year”, I notice the details on this particular card. I see the skeleton on the dead horse, for sure, but I also notice the white flower on the flag. Also, I see the sun rising in the East. Though the skeleton rides among dead bodies, there is one woman in yellow, the color of beginnings thrusting her hands together in prayer, a sense of hope lingers in her…. but alas, DEATH will have his way.

Bittersweet this time may be, for me and my non-back to school days, or for anyone who is experiencing closure on the chapter of their life. Let’s keep the sweet part in mind, knowing that even though there are many deaths in life, it is not over until it is over. Not until that final death will we ever stop living life.

May all the harvests you gather at Lughnasadh fill your heart and home with joy, love and peace!
Blessed Be

July Full Moon in the Sierra Mountains

Wild Mountain Sage
Summer Waxing Moon over Wild Mountain Sage

Summer has reached its peak, settling down after a gloriously hot Summer Solstice!

Looking up toward the Moon, Her gentle and cool face gazing down at me; I am perched at the crest of a mountain range, I feel Her love pour down on me. The sky is still a bright and baby blue, the air is crisp and clean. I find it almost difficult to breath because the air is thinner than I am used to. She looks down upon me and I am assured that all is well.

Reaching the height of the year, that moment when all the seeds are planted, my dreams and hopes have been fertilized, some good old fashioned TLC and some bullshit, but fertile, non-the-less. I beg for answers that I know will come…. only in their own sweet time. Funny to me how the Universe likes to offer a glimpse here and there, just enough to let you think you have figured something out, only to make that left turn in Albuquerque. (Feisty old Bugs.)

I mentioned before that I am impatient. I have not one shred of patience in these bones. This is my curse and my lesson. I asked to trust this year. I am trusting, but I still want my answers and I want them NOW.

The year is only half way through. I feel like I am peeking into an oven at nearly- but not quite done- rolls…. I can practically see the melted butter on them while sitting on a plate…. I am impatient.

So I ask Her:  Moon, please continue to shine on me, please grant me the patience I need to cultivate my harvest. I honor the full year’s journey around the Sun, but I want to know how the story ends. I have wanted that from the first day I could think, dream, and hope.

I spent early July in the Sierra Mountains. Nothing, other than the melted snow pounding down the mountain, is in a hurry. Nature is unfolding at Her pace. I took slower steps and gazed at the mountain peaks. I gathered and cut wild mountain sage, crafting the fragrant stalks into smudge sticks. The sweet aroma calming me with each inhale and deep exhale. I took the time to enter the frigid melting snow water to rededicate myself. Honoring all my chakras and allowing them to open; both to release and to trust.

The night of the full moon I watched the globe turn from a coppery disk to a white plate, noticing the outward shining fire transforming Her from waxing action to resting grace. I felt the Summer Solstice smile at me, with its secret knowing, and its knowing that I could not possibly know…. but that I had to claim trust as an ally.

I left the mountains with a bushels of smudge sticks, some wild flowers, and confidence that all is now and will always be well. I am glad I took the time to honor myself and all the harvests I have gathered thus far…. Trusting that there is only more glory along this priestess path.

So Mote it BE!

Sage Smudge Sticks   Wild Flowers at Squaw Valley
    Sage Smudge Sticks                Wild Flowers at Squaw Valley