La Bona Dea

Discovering the Divine within and letting Her out!

She is here and She is Beautiful! Path of the Priestess

Manual for the course

Manual for the course

Join me for an adventure… awaken the Priestess in you!
If you have heard Her call, felt the quicken in your belly, the excitement of connecting with the Divine Feminine, contact me to see if this Priestess Apprenticeship is a good fit for you!

We will meet eight times throughout the year. Once at each Sabbat beginning in February 2019, and will follow the Wheel of the Year. We will ebb and flow of life as we journey through the seasons, connecting with Her and allowing ourselves to answer the call from the Divine Feminine.

Learn about Ancient Goddess Culture, the traditional meaning behind holy days, and connect with your own Goddess Archetype. Gatherings will take place on the Saturday nearest the Sabbat, and some study work will be required between gatherings. Fee for the course is $1,200 (Deposit of $200, balance installments may be paid at full moons)and it includes Path of the Priestess manual and Spirit Songs CD. Most craft supplies will be available, and meals are potluck. Circle times are from 8:30am-4pm for each Sabbat.

Please contact me for more information to participate in this wondrous adventure of self-discovery.

Perseid Meteor Shower

Okay, so we live in California, and I joke it was a sprinkle, but nonetheless, it was a beautiful night.


I got to gather with my sis and friend and don the Goddess Garb. We had fun interpreting what the ancients might have thought of the night sky and the the possible magic or fear they experienced. We were giddy with delight, like three small little girls playing princess and it was so much FUN!

Three Goddess behind tree
Like the meteor showers that pass by once in a while, take your little child self out and PLAY!!!

There is no greater magic than the innocence and curiosity of a child!

Made some wishes on the shooting stars, and if you are reading this, then you are one which came true!
Blessings to you, dear Star Child!

By the Goddess and the Night Sky, it is Done xo

Time for Myself in Sagewoman Magazine….

I am so please and honored to be a contributor in this season’s issue (#93) of SageWoman Magazine.
Please check out your local bookstore and markets for this special issue on Sovereignty. It poses a great question for all women who seek and are willing to FIND! Enjoy all the lovely articles, and please feel free to comment to me with your input! Blessed Be!

SageWoman Cover

SageWoman Cover


Refreshing Skin Tonic for these hot June days!

I am a delicate flower.
I like the cool shade from a redwood tree
I like to sip on iced lemon water…. or chilled champagne

Refreshing Skin Tonic

Refreshing Skin Tonic

I like cool mornings, but I loath hot days. I am no longer working in an office with A/C, so I need a way too cool down in the afternoon….

I tried sitting outside under the redwoods, and the breeze helps, yet I want to feel refreshed.

I started making lemon water to spray on myself, but got some other ideas online and from what I have around the house…

Clean jar w/ lids if you want to make batches
OR a deep bowl for single use…

2-4 drops Grapefruit essential oil— Natalie turned me on to this lovely item, and I don’t care for grapefruit, but this is AWESOME stuff!

2-4 drops Lemon essential oil— add to the other oils so you don’t smell like you have been dusting with Pledge all day

1-2 drops Rosemary or Eucalyptus essential oil

1 Ts – 1Tbls of Dr. Teals Peppermint Epsom Salt.

Add enough water (If you don’t have a nearby spring, tap is fine) to make a light smelling, nearly clear batch of this refreshing tonic. Add or reduce amounts of oils until it smells right for you.

Chill in the fridge

Place soft washcloths in the bowl, or saturate from the jar. Then wring and drape around your neck, or dab wrists and throat, or use thick paper towels or other paper clothes if you want.

If you sit in a breeze it is extra soothing, or if inside, it feels good by the fan.

It’s gonna smell good enough to sip, but DON’T, for external use only.

Keep cool my Witches! xo
Blessed Be!

About time for peace of mind…

Brigids Holy Water

Brigids Holy Water

The folks I speak with lately are telling me they have reached the end of something, the beginning of something, or at the very least are experiencing movement toward change. No wonder, I say, with this year comes the start of a new cycle. The past, if not left behind, will drag you down… so people are dumping the toxic, the fruitless, and the exhausting.

Welcome arms away the future. Listen to your guides, whether it be a croaking toad, the magnificent Hecate, or even dreams you dare to dream. Go for it!

Everything we are is made from what we once were, embrace your newness and sparkle in the SUN! Summer Solstice is coming, take time to examine what you need before we begin our tilt into the darkness. Listen to the whisper of the Oak King, what is his message before he forfeits ruling the sky to the Holly King.

Listen to his strength, his playfulness, his wit, his mentoring, and his power… I mean, look at an acorn and then an oak tree, right? That is powerful magic! Listen and follow your passion!

Above is a photo of me, presenting Brigid, and offering from her Holy Well. Find a sacred place where you can bathe, swim, or sip from a sacred body of water. Indulge in letting the past be washed away, and then step away, whole, clean, and ready to accept the beauty, love, and riches which are awaiting you!

Blessed Be, Harm None, And So It Is!

When it’s over, it’s over, and so it Begins

The vultures came with the premonition of death, the Vikings warning of new territory and adventure, and the Angels came to support me.

The mailman came with a Certified Letter: the square hit in the forehead by the two-by-four I needed to make this necessary change.

Without all the muck, which boiled over from Cerridwyn’s cauldron, the tar-ish goo, sticking to the side and all, I now report I have been tossed from the fire and left to cool……

Little Red Corvette played on the radio.

The story begins where I quite my job, take on writing for a living and live my life along the Priestess Path…
Blessed Be!

Vikings, Vultures, and Angels summon a Slow start, quick changes

Being awesome has its downfalls. Because you are awesome too, I know you know what I mean!

I have been enjoying so much time last year flitting around holding circles, performing wedding ceremonies, laughing, loving, crying, celebrating, cherishing, (some yelling), and I guess…. just the emotional power of love took me over. Then I fell.

My body said no more for now, dearie, you will just have to recoup. So here I am. I have been working on my book, One’s Own Sweet Way for the past two and a half years, and am in the midst of getting it edited…. I have had 7 delightful Beta Readers take a gander at it, and they gave me wonderful feedback. Thank you Gloria, Christine, Jenni, Apryl, Mona, Linda, and to Tami… who still has to return her copy.

Last year my last child graduated from High School, and since the book is about her journey, those years were long. But the accomplishment is amazing! I am so proud of her and of me and of everyone who supported her during that stressful and frightening time. Now she is employed, still involved with dogs, has a driver’s license to go with her diploma and I could not be happier for her.

The New Year at Samhain I got knocked on my butt. The pain, forgetfulness, and exhaustion of fibromyalgia caught up with me. My sis noticed it really, when she saw the constant pain I was in and she heard me complain about every little thing. When you have fibromyalgia, doing a simple chore like the dishes seems hugely overwhelming. She heard my strife and sent me to the doc. I am taking care of myself now, growing stronger with each day, with the return of the light.

Angel's Gifts

I was worried about the meds taking away my creativity, my dreams, and my abilities to manifest and conjure, but I am pleased to find I have come through and my guides and muses are with me.

With Imbolc right around the corner I have been directly visited by an angel who channeled me for a story, she has left feathers, coins, and a purple stone in my path to announce her presence. I have been visited by images of Vikings, and seen FLOCKS of Vultures… the number 1978 made its appearance and- well- It is gonna be an amazing year for me. I hope you will stick around to see how this year unfolds. All I can say, is good thing I am rested up! It’s gonna start slow, but it is gonna take off! Blessings to you for a bright, joyful, healthy, and peaceful 2018! Blessed Be!

Friday the 13th of October

Friday the 13th

Today is a tough one for me.
The fires in Santa Rosa continue to burn, though they are headed east.
I call upon the Goddess to comfort me, mine, and my communities as we gather strength to get through the next days.
I thought this photo was a good one for today, because I am having a hard time “going with the flow”

I love my practice and believe in my faith, but I really don’t like having to put it into use under such stressful times… My human-ness is showing.

My prayers are for all who have suffered loss and who continue to be in harms way from these fires. May you be graced with peace when you can, may you recognized your blessings, no matter how small, and please, please, please, know it will get better and that we, Sonoma County, are here for you. May better days be in our near future. Blessed Be!

Thanks to the creator of this image and I am grateful to post in on my site.
Blessing one and all