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Apple Bridge Spell for Samhain

We are experiencing a RED FLAG WARNING, so we will not be doing burning rituals today. . . so. . .


Walk to a bridge and with you take:
An apple and the choices you make~
Stand at the entrance of the bridge,
May it be in the valley, hill, or ridge,
This is the place you lay to rest
The troubles that led you to take your test
At this Samhain, Summer’s end
Reflect upon your foe and friend



Slice the apple in half –middle not up or down
See inside you view the witches holy crown
A pentacle will be seen
New hope of a new year to glean
Close your eyes and let go of what you should
(Toss half the apple into the water or gully)
Then imagine what the best of what you could
(Slowly cross the bridge holding your thoughts)

Once you have cast away the bad
Eat the apple, filling up with GLAD
When you are ready, return to your home, crossing the bridge, knowing that what you left behind will remain behind.

Blessed Samhain! Blessed Be! Blessed Witches New Year!
For more photos look in the Photo Gallery. . including the Wheel of the Year Spread, xo La Bona Dea
Photos by Jenni :)

One’s Own Sweet Way, or OOSW as I call it for short, is now available!

Writing this book filled my heart and my head. I lived through such uncertain times with my child who suffers from severe anxiety disorders. After the first two years of learning and coping with Mia’s condition I realized I had a story here that needed to be told.

I don’t consider myself a victim in anyway from this experience, but living those days made me understand the importance of parental roles. Kids need stability and sometimes when we parents are unfamiliar with what is happening with our child, it can be quite scary. I know I had my share of questions, doubts, and anger. (Some of Claire Byrne’s quotes are directly from my mouth! Yikes!)

Being the advocate for any child or person, really, has challenges, and when you second guess yourself because you are suddenly floating in uncharted waters it is unnerving.

One’s Own Sweet Way was written in support of parents and caregivers who want to be heard but are wary that their anger would mean they don’t care or love someone. That is not true. . . We stay and lose our own minds sometimes because we care enough to see the best results. . . endless love.

If you found a copy and you are reading it, I truly hope you enjoy it and find some solace for yourself and others who face these dragons and demons. My sincere love goes to you! xo La Bona Dea/CM Riddle
OOSW Cover copy

A little full moon blessing before the mid-term elections

I wrote this for a friend but realized how perfect is to conjure good choices for the up-coming mid-term elections……

Put something like a piece of jewelry or charm to absorb moonlight on this full moon –
Then say out loud:

Moonlight charm-

By the light of this full moon
each moment played out as if high noon
If goddess will and goddess be I gather high vision to see-

Expose the faults of each buffoon
Reveal each and every crazy loon
So In the light of day I know
Exactly where my seeds to sow

Guidance from the Lady –
clarify the “maybe”

In confidence I will stride
The shining ones leave nowhere to hide

This amulet in now charged
I’m on top and living large!

As I will so mote it be!
Goddess bless for it is so!

Leave your amulet in the moonlight over night if you can. Wear it when you need clarity (or to the polls!). 🌝
Blessed Full Hunter’s Moon xo La Bona Dea

Whisperings . . . and a grasshopper

Fall at Squaw

Looking up toward the sky, the glimmering leaves of fall have arrived –

“Let go,” they whisper in the breeze. . .”It’s time.”

I did a little ritual today where I crossed a bridge and I left my past behind me. Yesterday and today I saw a grasshopper. . . whatever can this message be? Well the same one I got eight years ago, but it’s good to be reminded, validated, and assured.

Who Knew What the Jellyfish Knew?

buddy and jellyfish

I thought I was sinking. Dying. Not MATTERING!

Me at the Sea

I am buried under the weigh of chronic illness (Fibromyalgia) and the home repairs that my husband has begun eight years ago, (All are incomplete from painting, trim, baseboard, a shower without hot water, brand new windows that are still in the garage. . . from last year, broken light fixtures, oh Chronos, God of Time how the list goes on! To the jack hammered out porch steps, and entry walls torn down of over thirty days ago!!!)

Alas! The Jellyfish reminds me to not become burdened by these things which I cannot control or even more importantly am not RESPONSIBLE for, but to let my inner light shine.

Buddy and Altar

So, I spent time at the shore with my Buddy, and we performed a ritual to let all of these things wash away, to transform into finished projects, a gleaming home, and polished health. Blessed BE!

me and the altar doran beach

Autumn Equinox Healing, a Note in Green

neon green color hex

I was sitting in a holy place, listening to Steven Halpern’s healing notes, his fingers cascading across the keyboard soothed me. I enjoyed floating through the array of colors passing through my consciousness, the music lifting me and vibrating minor aches and pains away. The swell of joy I began to experience pulled the corners of my mouth upwards and I began to smile.

Then the horrid beast of my nightmares came bulldozing its way into my thoughts.
Isn’t this supposed to be healing me? I thought to myself.

Suddenly, a pitch black curtain crossed my visual entertainment, shutting down the harmony I was reveling in.
HOW DARE SHE!!! I screamed in my head. But dared, she did and as I sat there, eyes closed, now a tight lipped smirk on my face I knew I had to deal with her.

Then before I could complain and whine, conjuring pity for myself for the damaging experiences this person thrust upon me and the anguish I apparently continued to harbor, a veil of green colored hues began to bleed through the blackness. A green so pure, like the color of newly sprouted blades of grass, or the tender young colors of the redwood tree’s new growth, alas, the color of healing enveloped my being.

I am pretty sure my jaw dropped.

This event was so unexpected! It’s been six months from Vernal Equinox until now, and I guess I yet have work to do. Leaving wasn’t enough, I suppose, and now that I have had time to do some untangling, it is time for the healing to begin. First on the list is forgiveness.

I forgive myself for staying too long
I forgive myself for allowing to be treated in damaging ways
I forgive myself for wallowing in pity instead of fighting back
I forgive myself for trying, wanting, and begging for change that would NEVER come
I forgive myself. I forgive myself.

I hear a whisper in my ear…. “Forgive her.
First reply, “To Hell with that that, to Hell with her.”

A heartbeat happens.

Okay. You’re right, I agree with my higher self. I try to sneak in a, “I forgive her for being a total moronic, bullying – ” but my higher power wags a warning finger at me.

Again, “You’re right.”

I forgive her for the pain she carries and spreads. I forgive her for not doing the work to heal herself.
But I absolutely will not forget to stay clear of her for the rest of my days, because I DO NOT NEED ANY SHIT FROM HER, I sneak in at the end.

“And what else?” The whisper challenges.

Do it with great volumes of love. I know, the green you wrapped around my soul is the color of the heart chakra, the healing place, and only love can heal, for LOVE is all there IS.

The second thing I must do is to allow it to begin.

I’m grumbling, but I vow to do this work. I heard the message and I must do it for myself.

Blessed Mabon to you and to me.
As the Goddess Wills, So Mote it BE!!! xoxoox

Here is the link to some wonderful healing sounds… check out Steven Halpern

She is here and She is Beautiful! Path of the Priestess

Manual for the course

Manual for the course

Join me for an adventure… awaken the Priestess in you!
If you have heard Her call, felt the quicken in your belly, the excitement of connecting with the Divine Feminine, contact me to see if this Priestess Apprenticeship is a good fit for you!

We will meet eight times throughout the year. Once at each Sabbat beginning in February 2019, and will follow the Wheel of the Year. We will ebb and flow of life as we journey through the seasons, connecting with Her and allowing ourselves to answer the call from the Divine Feminine.

Learn about Ancient Goddess Culture, the traditional meaning behind holy days, and connect with your own Goddess Archetype. Gatherings will take place on the Saturday nearest the Sabbat, and some study work will be required between gatherings. Fee for the course is $1,200 (Deposit of $200, balance installments may be paid at full moons)and it includes Path of the Priestess manual and Spirit Songs CD. Most craft supplies will be available, and meals are potluck. Circle times are from 8:30am-4pm for each Sabbat.

Please contact me for more information to participate in this wondrous adventure of self-discovery.

Perseid Meteor Shower

Okay, so we live in California, and I joke it was a sprinkle, but nonetheless, it was a beautiful night.


I got to gather with my sis and friend and don the Goddess Garb. We had fun interpreting what the ancients might have thought of the night sky and the the possible magic or fear they experienced. We were giddy with delight, like three small little girls playing princess and it was so much FUN!

Three Goddess behind tree
Like the meteor showers that pass by once in a while, take your little child self out and PLAY!!!

There is no greater magic than the innocence and curiosity of a child!

Made some wishes on the shooting stars, and if you are reading this, then you are one which came true!
Blessings to you, dear Star Child!

By the Goddess and the Night Sky, it is Done xo