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About the Iseum of Mary Isis and the Year-long Priestess Apprenticeship

Now accepting applications for the 2024 Priestess Apprentice contact High Priestess Tina at for information and the year-long program following the Wheel of the Year and its Eight Sabbats.

***Scroll down to see 2022 Apprentices and 2019 Anointed and Ordained Priestesses***

The Iseum of Mary Isis is a nonprofit 501(c)3 spiritual organization, where women and fa are invited to participate in a yearlong Priestess Apprenticeship Program. Additional classes, workshops, and full moon ceremonies take place throughout the year for women, men, and families both in person and on Zoom

Tina Riddle Deason, High Priestess of La Bona Dea is the Executive Director of the Iseum and facilitates the year-long Priestess Apprenticeship Program in Sonoma County, California. The manual, by Nancy Dew, HP, “The Path of the Priestess, the Goddess Wheel of the Year” is used for the Program.

Vision Statement of the Iseum of Mary Isis

The Iseum of Mary Isis is dedicated to supporting

women in knowing the power, wisdom, strength,

 compassion and the unconditional

 love of the Divine Feminine.

The Iseum is devoted to women’s spiritual growth

 and the courage to be one’s authentic

self by exploring the mystery

 of our true essence as Holy Women.

Living in sisterhood, listening to nature’s guidance,

The Iseum of Mary Isis

celebrates, protects, and honors all of life

 by embracing Mother Earth and all Her Relations

2023 Newly Ordained Priestesses

Blessings of Yule 2023

Honoring Ancestors and Honoring Women–while wearing pointy hats!

Honoring those who came before us, whether familial ancestors or past-life connections with healers, seekers, seers, and wise women, we celebrated the Witches New Year together. There is certain magic made when women gather to heal, love and support each other. This holy day was transcending and divine. As we heal, the whole world heals with us, So Mote it Be!

And we met a new Goddess T’nahcne

Mabon, the season of letting go

To carry the sorrows or loss of the past year weighs heavy, and releasing the past paves way for a brighter future. At Mabon we honor the earth and the falling of leaves, reminding us that a new rebirth is just around the corner.

Mabon Altar of Sunflowers and seeds, pinecones, leaves, pumpkins, and gourds

For this Sabbat, we gathered at Stafford Lake in Novato. Being near this body of water reminds us that Autumn sits in the West on the Wheel of the Year, and is the seat of the Matriarch, the compassionate, forgiving, and wise facet of ourselves. Blessed be this glorious time of year!


Celebrating the First Harvest

Summer Solstice, Litha

We spent the Holy Sabbat of Litha at Goat Rock Beach

Beltane and Hieros Gamos 2022

Gathered together we shared in our circle to talk about what it means to take care of ourselves and what it is that women really want (sovereignty for me please) and then we made crowns, performed our Salt Purification Ritual, and our Hieros Gamos–or vows to ourselves, and some apprentices made their vows via iPhone because of Covid.

In the end, we received blessings from Fairy Godmother and she sang us a song, and finally, we celebrated with cherry-chocolate cake and champagne.

Ostara 2022

We gathered to celebrate Goddess Ostara, “Plant Seeds” of intention, remove “that which does not match our goals” and rejoiced in sisterhood! We had a visit from Goddess Calliope and her words of wisdom encouraged us to create by writing, drawing, gardening, or crafting into our authentic selves. (Sorry, no photo of Calliope, but maybe we will catch her on her next visit!) Blessings for a spring full of balance and hope! Blessed be!

Apprentices and Mentors of the Iseum

Imbolc 2022

We began our Wheel of the Year Journey on January 29th. We are please to be surrounded by a group of lovely women who are generous, eager to learn, fabulous cooks, and inspiring sisters. As we embark on our journey we wish each apprentice the opportunity to step outside of herself, let the herself see her as the world sees her. . . a living portrait of creativity, harmony, and wisdom. Blessed Be, TD, HP xo

About the Materials and Fees:




**This Priestess Apprenticeship may take place at my residence and will include some daytime or evening “off-site” adventures. We will adhere to the latest Covid-19 safety precautions.

*$200.00 deposit is required before Yule (Dec. 21st), and the remaining balance may be made in installments at each full moon.

The Wheel of the Year

four women

Imbolc February 1

Ostara March 21

Beltane May 1

Summer Solstice June 21

Lughnasadh August 1

Mabon September 21

Samhain October 31

Winter Solstice December 21

Course dates (TBD) correspond with the Sabbats. We will begin our next Apprenticeship in February around Imbolc 2022



Established in 1998, by High Priestess Nancy Ana Dew, the Iseum of Mary Isis became a nonprofit spiritual organization honoring the Goddess.  It is our wish to bring more women into the light of their own Divine Feminine, as we become more of the change we wish to see in the world.

Nancy Dew has been on a spiritual path all of her life. In 1980, at age 38, she was going through a divorce, raising 2 wonderful daughters, working and giving much time to her daughter’s school.  As her children grew older, she realized that something was missing in her life, and she went on a deeper spiritual search that began to nourish her soul.  Studying the many aspects of alternative healing, nutrition and body work, Nancy graduated Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Transpersonal NLP Practitioner, Massage Therapist, and Reiki Practitioner.

This path led her on an inner spiritual search and years of studying with Shamans, Cross-Cultural Anthropologists, Native Americans, Metaphysicians, Wiccans and Buddhism, living in a Buddhist Temple for a time.  What she found was that the Divine Feminine was missing in her life and her spiritual practice. She traveled the world in search of the Goddess.  Learning from the many cultures and spiritualities of South East Asia, Greece, Central and South America, Thailand, Ireland and Mexico, Nancy realized that indigenous people everywhere live immersed with the qualities of Divine Feminine Deities; a grand awakening for a woman raised in the Judeo-Christian religion!

She fell in love with the Divine Feminine and came to know Her as a part of her own soul.  She felt herself filled with the compassion, love, peace and courage of the Goddess. This led everything in her life to blossom, as if the Universe opened up a beautiful path for her to walk down.   From finding that everyone is connected to each other and to everything that is alive, she begin to lead Earth-Based Spiritual circles, or Paganism.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Nancy-and-Conche-Shell.jpg

Nancy was Ordained a Priestess in the Fellowship of Isis in 1998, and has been leading yearlong Priestess Apprenticeships since then.  Women of all ages may enter this program, that takes place on weekends at Lilith, and honor the eight holidays on the Pagan Wheel of the Year.  Initiates learn how to create sacred space, perform rituals and ceremonies, sing, dance and drum to songs that worship the Goddess, and learn how to let go of self-limiting habits that keep women from their wholeness and authenticity.

At the end of the year, they have discovered their own inner Goddess, and are regally Ordained Priestess into The Iseum of Mary Isis, which honors each Priestess as a legal Reverend in the State of California.  Over 60 women from all walks of life have been Ordained at Lilith and share in a loving sisterhood that accepts and honors each individual’s path.



(Scroll down to Imbolc then back up to Yule for chronological sequence)

Calliope and Elboroda 

Brigid and CalliopeBrigid and Elboroda

Priestesses and their Pouches and Shawls of Holy Women

Priestesses Pouches - from Grammy Elise's fursCelebratory Tarts for the Priestesses

Celebratory Tarts

Winter Solstice; Yule 2019

Warm Yule Fire with Buddy Miles Calliope the Muse Elboroda tells her story and Gramps witnesses it The log in the fire Priestess Calliope and Yule log Maiden--ready to light her up! Reading the rite

Smuding Mona Good Morning Winter Solstice

Samhain 2019

Scary WitchesApplesCauldron of Coffee

Autumn Equinox 2019

Natalie writing Brag SheetMona SmilingTina letting go RR OFRC Bridge

Lughnasadh 2019

Lammas Altar and ApprenticesA table of Bounty

Celebrating the Harvest at Mantanzas Winery in Bennet Vally – What a fun way to cheer during Lughnasadh!

Natalies Corn DollyMonas Corn DollyTinas Corn Dolly

Corn Dolly Crafting

Summer Solstice 2019

We arrive at SS event

At the Gualala Art Center, celebrating Summer Solstice with the Priestesses of the Iseum of Mary Isis

Nancy Dew speaks about the history of the Goddess and her priestesses

SS Fire AltarThree WandsSummer Solstice Kabobs

Celebrating Fire and Summer Solstice with Wand Making and Manifesting at the Russian River Resort Area

Beltane 2019

Mona Vows 7

Taking Personal Commitment Vows at the Beltane Sabbat at Lilith

Natalie and Mona at Earth AltarMona and Natalie Crowns

Beltane Crowns

Ostara 2019

Ostara Altar 2
Welcome springtime and rebirth!
Our apprentices gathered in Circle to welcome the second “turn of the wheel.” We talked about taking risks and what it means to find balance at the Vernal Equinox. We performed rituals to inspire joyful and strong rebirth in ourselves and our world. Blessed Be!

Burden Basket 2

The Burden Basket

Texts used for this Sabbat

Texts used for this Sabbat

Planting seeds of kindness, love, bravery, strength for the world

May all of your Ostara seeds sprout and may you be blessed with bounty!

Ostara Daffodil

We walk in Beauty

We walk in Beauty

Three pairs of sunglasses

Imbolc 2019 

We began our Wheel of the Year Journey with Imbolc on Saturday. . .

Imbolc 2019 Altar with Brigid

Imbolc 2019 Vision Boards
Intuitive Art


In preparation, I found these tender buds along the NorCal Coast one day on an excursion with my husband and our dogs.

Russian Gulch Early Bouquet

Here are the dogs. . . Bella and Buddy-

beach day jan with dogs

Here is the amazing NorCal Coast. . . just past Jenner, CA

beach day jan

Hard to think it is only the early days of spring

Here is me at the Imbolc Altar-

Imbolc 2019 Priestess Tina t the Altar

A lovely shot of the Altar-

Imbolc 2019 Altar 2

And here are some Camellia buds outside of my home,

they will burst with bright pink color soon!

Imbolc 2019 Camillias Brigid and Pink Champagne

And here is me looking very priestess-y

Imbolc 2019 Priestess Tina

We made Brigid’s Crosses, it was a sacred and precious first Sabbat for the Apprentices.

For fun, I decided to add my YouTube video of the Imbolc Altar. I will present one for each Sabbat all year long. Please check out the link below xo

Blessings and Peace, Honor and Love to you!
La Bona Dea xo

Answer Her Call and join the Apprenticeship as we journey around the Wheel of the Year together!

Perfect Love and Perfect Trust with Blessings to all, great and small!

Priestess Tina
High Priestess Tina Brigid, Facilitator of Path of the Priestess OR 707 318-8902, Blessed Be

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