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Archive for April 2016

Honoring La Bona Dea

Festivals honoring the Good Goddess, La Bona Dea, took place around May Day, or Beltane; May First. Her festivals were secret and only women were in attendance. One aspect of La Bona Dea is found within Roman Goddess Flora, the goddess of flowers. Her abundance and beauty fill the earth and symbolize life on this […]

Mixology and Mythology

Just wandering through the Web and came across a cocktail named…. you got it! Bona Dea! Here is the link: I have wanted to go to New Orleans, so now I have one more reason to follow that dream. Blessings and Cheers! Tina

Making Magic

I Recently attended a Magic Sigil class at Milk and Honey in Sebastopol. It was so much fun and truly interesting. I look forward to other magical evening with Phoenix, a lovely goddess of magic! I will help incorporate the use of Sigils in magic in upcoming events, I look forward to spreading the magic […]

Prayer and Moon Beads

As you can see I have been feeling very “crafty” these last few weeks! Sometimes I feel the need to be physical and head out of doors, capturing nature in all Her glory, other times I like to reflect with old fashioned pen in hand and write, write, write. Then other times, I get the […]

Focused Intention Kits

These charming little kits are for use to help keep your focus on your divine gift and desired goals. Each kit comes with hand crafted ritual bath salts made from corresponding herbs and essential oils, sea, iodized,and Epsom salts (use to remove blocks that may delay your goals), a corresponding crystal and charm to place […]

Manifestations Take Root Ritual 4/5/2016

Our lovely participants produced these beautiful potted plants as part of our Manifesting with the Divine workshop at Songbird Community Healing Center this month. The Altar is devoted to love. Love of self, love of others, love relationships, marriage, intimate, and familial. Look at all the love on that table! Go forth dreams, become real, […]

Spring is here, manifesting powers are amplified now!

All around us Mother Earth is growing, creating, blossoming….. The last few weeks have been very nice for me. I have been truly enjoying the outside, being in nature and melting in the blessed warm sun! Feelings of childhood have stirred deep within my being and I feel giddy and happy- like there are endless […]