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Archive for July 2016

Fun in the sun; Lizard Style

Today, after seeing several lizards in my yard (I rarely do!) and being at a location yesterday where the main decorations included that of the LIZARD, I thought: I should look this up…. here’s what I found- Dreaming Lizard medicine is the shadow side of reality where your dreams are reviewed before you manifest them […]

Independent with the Blessing of Bast

WHAT IS THAT CAT DOING HERE? I am full of talk, and I do like to have my way, but being independent is not one of my strong suits. I prefer to be the boss sometimes, that way I feel independent, but I am with the crowd. Bast came to visit me as did the […]

Time to Network

At our last gathering of Manifesting with the Divine, my meditation led me toward networking. Yikes! That is scary for me, even though I talk…. a lot, it is tough for me to go out and to talk about me. What I do and who I am, and why I am. Hm. How can I […]