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Independent with the Blessing of Bast


I am full of talk, and I do like to have my way, but being independent is not one of my strong suits. I prefer to be the boss sometimes, that way I feel independent, but I am with the crowd.

Bast came to visit me as did the Hermit. They beckoned me to be still, listen for my choice, and then to enter upon my actions with bravery.

I did what was suggested for me and in doing so I came to learn new things about myself. Things such as that I really am comfortable in my own company. I am beginning to notice my likes and dislikes because of how I feel and what energies come to me with those feelings. It takes a lot of stopping and smelling of the summer roses to do this; I am succeeding.

I am enjoying my journey with Bast. She has also instigated my own cat, Mitty, to guide and beguile me. I have had the stares and the nudges from my live cat, who I believe, is coaxed by the beloved Egyptian Cat-Goddess Bast! Together they have urged me to seek out my desires and claim a bit more of my independence.

I also am in the company of the Tarot’s Hermit. I have had to turn to the light within to solve some interpersonal conflicts as well as use his lantern to shine on my own introspection. The darkened corners were a bit humbling, but as the light was cast I was able to embrace the darkness and know that I am all right.

Summer’s journey with these guides has prepared my for the next slight turn of the Wheel. As Lughnasadh approaches I feel the subtle change of season and with it new opportunities for growth. These past few weeks have been havoc for me. My body’s been in pain from Fibromyalgia, but I came to realize that it was also a force to make me slow down and seek authenticity. I strive to heal and I await my next call.

I wonder who will guide me next? I express and give gratitude toward my beloved Bast and my curmudgeonly Hermit.
Blessed Be.

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