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Archive for September 2015

Embracing the dark, meeting your shadow

Photo courtesy of: I had professor recently say, “When you understand someone’s difficult behavior, you can at least feel bad for them that that is the way they are, and be glad you are not them, but the the greater question is if they seem like they are trying too hard, why are they […]

Dark Moon, gratitude growing

The dark moon is here. The end of the year is drawing near… and as I look back, flipping through the days in reverse, some of it, not all of it, but some of it, now makes sense. The growing pains I have experienced I see mirrored around me… great loss that made way for […]

A Priestess, not a Princess

A priestess creates her own life and empowers herself. She learns from her mistakes and she grows from all life experiences that are thrust upon her. This is not an easy realization for a good little girl who naturally follows rules, wants peace without struggle; luxury without work; joy without pain. The princess wins her […]