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Archive for December 2015

Holly King and Oak King

Please visit Common Ground Magazine to see my story of the Myth of these two gallant kings! It’s on page 18 Merry and Happy Winter Solstice! May the light shine brightly upon you!

Welcome Winter!

The rains are here after a long dry spell! Winter is on the way with cold mornings and some days I wake to frost on the car, burr! The days are surly shorter and the nights are long. I find myself looking for my pj’s about 7:30 at night. Ready for a long winter’s nap! […]

Gentle Reminder

Sometimes, like this past year, I can get really cynical. The “why me” syndrome manifests its way into my psyche when I am deeply hurt. My first reaction, being who I am, is total withdrawal. I escape however I can. Then bitterness tries to creep into my heart because I was too mad to address […]

Glad Tidings

Wednesday, November 25th~ There I was, in the middle of the isle at Target, following my daughter toward the cat litter section of the store. My mind was wandering, as it usually does, relaxed in the mundane of the moment. Thoughts floating in and out when suddenly I realized I was getting confirmation from my […]