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Gentle Reminder

birthday heart

Sometimes, like this past year, I can get really cynical. The “why me” syndrome manifests its way into my psyche when I am deeply hurt. My first reaction, being who I am, is total withdrawal. I escape however I can. Then bitterness tries to creep into my heart because I was too mad to address the problem.

But I know the center of me is not that way, so eventually I analyze my feelings and do my best to figure out ways to live with disappointments and I try to heal.

My sister gave me this lovely little heart. (Pretty,huh?) She is the person who knows me best, I would say. She keeps me from falling all the way off the deep end and leads me back to myself. She validates my anger but reminds me that I am a gentle creature with bark bigger than my bite- She doesn’t let me sink that low.

The end of the year is fast approaching, so it is time to let go and be willing to embrace all the good that is coming toward me.

Today I am sharing this heart with you, dear reader, to remind you that you too are a gentle creature and that you are deserving of all the love that is in this glorious heart and all blessings headed your way too!

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