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Flirting with Femininity

Spring Bouquet

Spring always reminds me of being a teenager. I wanted so much to be grown and in charge of my life! I was learning about boy/girl relationships, how I liked to dress, how I felt when I wore Kissing Potion…. yeah, remember that sticky sweet lip gloss… bubble-gum flavor! Yeah!

I remember the angst of learning to be patient. (Still my downfall!) I was a bud just waiting to bloom! I couldn’t wait to have my own life. I discovered sexuality, sensuality, and despair. It was all a magical and mysterious time.

My husband laughs at me, because here I am, all fifty-three years of me, and I still have no patience. He laughs because when the flowers make their buds I have to go peel back the outer layer of petal to see what color they will be. See? No patience! Ha!

Funny how now I spend some of my days recalling what was instead of pushing toward the future. Maybe I am accepting patience after all.

April’s Practical Magic Women’s Circle will be celebrating and flirting with the Feminine. It is a chance to awaken or reacquaint yourself with our divine feminine…. Spring is a time to open up, just like the blooming buds!

I hope you will join me and have some fun as we discover the magic of our personal power! Ready ladies? Let’s jump into spring with both feet!

Monday, April 3rd from 6:30-8pm… Gather at 6:15
Songbird Center, Upstairs Back
By Donation $5-15

March Moon Circle…. let’s go out and PLAY

We had such fun making our Mermaid Rattles and sharing our happy childhood memories! There’s plenty of time to go out and PLAY! Blessed Be!

Mermaid Rattle used to conjure happy childhood memories at any time!

Mermaid Rattle used to conjure happy childhood memories at any time!

March is such a fun month to go outside and play!

At our next month moon cirlce we will delve into childhood joy. We will journey to the past to bring back some good times and fun into our lives…..

One way we will do that is to make a Mermaid Rattle… Yep, a Mermaid Rattle! It will be used to conjure fun at any time!

Please feel free to bring any small tokens or items that will fit into a jar, but I have lots of stuff too!

See you at Songbird at 6:15 to gather and 6:30pm circle begins— See you MOONday, 3/6. Love and Happiness to you!


Up There and Down Here….

Up There and Down Here
An original poem by Pennelope Rinn

Mistletoe, Oak, and Sky

Up there the sun is shining
Down here the skies are swollen and grey
Up there joyful tears overflow bringing rain to my broken heart below

Up there drums are beating and there is great rejoicing
Down here there is keening and empty sighing
Up there dancing begins but we only hear thunder rumbling

Up there is a party, a celebration, a return
Down here is a void, a vacancy, an absence.
Up there are greetings of our newly departed loved one

Up there the Angels are singing
Down here we are wailing
That’s how it is up there, and down here, since our beloved Brigid passed away

Blessings at Imbolc

Brigid is coming.
Her gentle caress across the land stirs creatures and plants from slumber.
Her warm fires thaw the ice, the cold water trickles into the earth.
She nudges us from our sleep; “time to wake,” she calls, “the world is waiting for you!

This little creation was made by me to share this weekend at at Imbolc Sabbat.

This little creation was made by me to share this weekend at Imbolc Sabbat.

Dare to vision! Dare to use your voice! Your gifts are needed now, more than ever. This is a year of opportunity, so take your moment, shine your light!

Brigid has got your back!
Welcome Imbolc, Welcome Bride, Welcome Sleepy-head, morning has arrived!

Practical Magic Women’s Moon Circles Begin 2/6/17


First Monday of Each Month
From 6:30-8:00 pm; arrive at 6:15
Donations accepted, no one turned away
Circle, ritual, craft

Practical Magic Moon Circles are where women gather in Sacred Space to share life experience, and to expand and grow, in a healing and loving place.

Come and meet me at the Songbird Hands Of Gold event Tuesday evening, 1/10/17

Earth Angel

Earlier in the year I wrote about my Grandparents disappearance and then how we found out they had died in a car crash. I wrote about the dream I had of the two of them flying to paradise….. well that was not the end of that year and that is not the end of my story…….

Earth Angel

Earth Angel

I had moved into my new little cottage after my divorce and I was getting ready to decorate my home for my young children. We had gotten the tree and we put all the bobbles and bulbs on it. There were hand made decorations that the kids had made at school and at my home day care. I hadn’t quite honed in on my pagan touch, but I did have a simmering pot of winter spices on the stove and evergreens and walnuts scattered around the house. The three of us ate cookies and tried to decide what should go on top of the tree. There just wasn’t anything special enough in the decoration box so we decided something would turn up and then we waited.

I believed in magic.

I believed in Christmas miracles.

The winter before I was so broke I knew I would not be able to afford a Christmas tree, but that year I ended up with two. One from my loving parents and one from a dear day care family. Wow! What a miracle.

This year was going to be tough because I was missing my grandparents terribly, and my dad was entering the final stages of cancer. In fact, he died four days after Christmas and twelve days before his 53rd birthday.

One day, when I was out and about doing my chores and picking the kids up from school, I came home to a package on the porch. The box was plain cardboard with no markings; only a label with my name and address on it. I had no idea where it came from, I didn’t order anything, but it was Christmastime, so all was possible.

I took the box into the tiny kitchen and sliced the packing tape with a knife. Sandwiched in between two thick layers of Styrofoam was an elegantly decorated angel. She was clothed in red velvet (my grandma’s favorite color), with white fur trim. She held a nest with a red bird in it (my grandma loved birds, they were all over her house; figurines on the windowsill, pictures on the wall, even a parakeet in a cage from time to time; owls were her favorite). She was garnished with a sash of evergreen. Her hair and eyes were brown, like Grandma’s.

An Earth Angel.

I set her on the table and I felt goosebumps and shivers. Somehow this beloved angel made it to my door. How it did, I don’t know. But I without a doubt knew who sent it. The kids and I were so excited to have this beautiful angel to top our Christmas tree.

It was the Yuletide of 1994 and my precious earth angel has graced my home every winter from then on. Sometimes she sits atop the tree (fastened very securely!), sometimes she is the centerpiece on the dining room table, and others a fixture at the hearth. Grandma watching over us.

I took her out today, placing her on the living room coffee table, that way I can pass by her all day long. I will be 53 in three days. I am already living on the borrowed time of my Dad’s life. I am struggling right now, trying to resolve my regrets and decide what I want from my life. I am looking for joy that seems to elude me. I believe in magic and miracles, I have hope and I have this loving earth angel to guide me.

Going into the dark time this year will be deeper than the battle of the Oak and Holly Kings for me. It will be one of angelic peace I’ll invoke by casting away demons and leaving them in the past.

I am taking hiatus from life, a break. I am allowing healing to take place in the dark and quiet winter. I planted some bulbs and infused them with trust. When the first crocus peaks from the earth I will know my direction and will readily jump, with both feet, into the new year, the new light, and my renewed life.

May Yuletide ensure all your transitions of the dark and dream time be grand. Blessings and light to you as we prepare a new journey around the wheel of the year.

Blessed Yule, Merry Christmas, and Peace on Earth xo

Oranges and Bay Laurel Swag for the October Full Moon


I made this pretty little swag to place in my home for the Full Moon gathering tomorrow night.
Here in Northern California we are getting one of our first wet winter storms. It is a rainy day and it is supposed to rain all weekend. So much for seeing our blessed Moon Goddess! Oh, well, we do need the rains!

I sliced some small oranges, placed them on parchment paper and baked them at 170 degrees to slowly dry them. The smell was delicious! I gathered the bay laurel on one of my many nature walks with the dog. I laid the small branches out to dry several weeks ago. Again, wonderful aroma! I then strung them together, alternating the orange and bay with thin florists’ wire. This makes it easy to make a loop at the end and hand it wherever you want.

Bay Laurel’s attributes include peace, creativity– and perfect for October’s full moon– psychic powers and communication with spirits.

Orange’s attributes include love, divination, luck and money. (Can’t go wrong there!)

Blessings to you and may all the magic be yours on this October Full Moon! Blessed Be!

Autumn Smolder


A little check in with the Tarot….

I spent last year writing a book. (Still needs the rewrite and to be published…. but WRITTEN!) I am so pleased with myself. I had an essay published, a poem too. I have dedicated my time to this website and expanding La Bona Dea.

I am a Sag. We Sagittarius folk LOVE to keep moving. But just like fire we will burn out from time to time. Sometimes we get dowsed, and that sucks. Sometime though, we are just done. We need to smolder, taking time to regenerate our flame. That is where I am right this very moment.


Just like the Autumn fires, all that was reaped from the harvest is gathered to be burned; sending the ash back into the ground where it will once again bring forth life.

That is how I am. I did a Tarot reading and to be sure, there it was…. All the glory at the beginning and now here I am, suspended, just hanging around; twisting to see all from a new view. Where will I go next? That has yet to be revealed.

I am Jones-ing to get my book re-written and published. I have a plan, on a calendar, for pity’s sake! Obstacles are crossing my path; PLAY is inviting me to join her and RELAXING is calling my name. I even caught a cold that laid me in my bed for three days.

I am smoldering. I am resting. I am present, but I must Make Merry for a bit. I vow to take time to play, re-energizing to stoke my flame and burst forward with my book. With life.

So, cup of tea and time to think.

Then an Autumn walk with leaves crunching underfoot, smelling the last of summer’s roses. As I walk with my grandson’s hand in mine, I patiently smolder and wait for new breath to ignite me.

Blessed Be!

Blessing of the Land

LB Poncia 5

Al Ringing the Bell (a handcrafted gift from a dear friend) to Create Sacred Space

LB Poncia 7

Prayers and Monuments

I recently had the honor of performing a land blessing ceremony for some very dear friends of mine. We gathered at their land and spoke of the many blessings they create in their life; a long and happy marriage, family with children and grandchildren, as well as extended family and friends; we spoke of how they honor one another and their sacred land; the land that provides a home and a living for them. This land is their legacy passed from generations and it will continue on to be the legacy they offer.

Blessings are recognition and acknowledgement. They are the gentle caress and a sealed kiss~ an affirmative statement that something is cherished and treasured. Cultivating and on-going praises of places; people; things; time; space. This is how we bless what we have. In doing so we call forth greater gifts because it opens our heart to receiving.

Gladness enters a person when they bless and when they are blessed. I was blessed while blessing and I am grateful for my friendship with my cherished friends, Cathie and Al.

May we all open our eyes as well as our hearts to count our blessings each and every day.

I had a very special evening filled with love, laughter, memories, delicious foods, and precious friends.

LB Poncia 2

Priestess and her Basket

LB Poncia 8

Gratitude and Friendship

LB Poncia 9

Blessed Dessert! Made by our gracious hostess and my true mentor, my friend Cathie

Blessed Be!