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July Full Moon in the Sierra Mountains

Wild Mountain Sage
Summer Waxing Moon over Wild Mountain Sage

Summer has reached its peak, settling down after a gloriously hot Summer Solstice!

Looking up toward the Moon, Her gentle and cool face gazing down at me; I am perched at the crest of a mountain range, I feel Her love pour down on me. The sky is still a bright and baby blue, the air is crisp and clean. I find it almost difficult to breath because the air is thinner than I am used to. She looks down upon me and I am assured that all is well.

Reaching the height of the year, that moment when all the seeds are planted, my dreams and hopes have been fertilized, some good old fashioned TLC and some bullshit, but fertile, non-the-less. I beg for answers that I know will come…. only in their own sweet time. Funny to me how the Universe likes to offer a glimpse here and there, just enough to let you think you have figured something out, only to make that left turn in Albuquerque. (Feisty old Bugs.)

I mentioned before that I am impatient. I have not one shred of patience in these bones. This is my curse and my lesson. I asked to trust this year. I am trusting, but I still want my answers and I want them NOW.

The year is only half way through. I feel like I am peeking into an oven at nearly- but not quite done- rolls…. I can practically see the melted butter on them while sitting on a plate…. I am impatient.

So I ask Her:  Moon, please continue to shine on me, please grant me the patience I need to cultivate my harvest. I honor the full year’s journey around the Sun, but I want to know how the story ends. I have wanted that from the first day I could think, dream, and hope.

I spent early July in the Sierra Mountains. Nothing, other than the melted snow pounding down the mountain, is in a hurry. Nature is unfolding at Her pace. I took slower steps and gazed at the mountain peaks. I gathered and cut wild mountain sage, crafting the fragrant stalks into smudge sticks. The sweet aroma calming me with each inhale and deep exhale. I took the time to enter the frigid melting snow water to rededicate myself. Honoring all my chakras and allowing them to open; both to release and to trust.

The night of the full moon I watched the globe turn from a coppery disk to a white plate, noticing the outward shining fire transforming Her from waxing action to resting grace. I felt the Summer Solstice smile at me, with its secret knowing, and its knowing that I could not possibly know…. but that I had to claim trust as an ally.

I left the mountains with a bushels of smudge sticks, some wild flowers, and confidence that all is now and will always be well. I am glad I took the time to honor myself and all the harvests I have gathered thus far…. Trusting that there is only more glory along this priestess path.

So Mote it BE!

Sage Smudge Sticks   Wild Flowers at Squaw Valley
    Sage Smudge Sticks                Wild Flowers at Squaw Valley

Mom’s Graduation Day

Miss Mia Graduated last night and I am a proud Mamma.

Anyone who knows our story understands the importance of this moment between us.

I have have five beautiful children, two are my step-daughters, but daughters just the same, and I am proud of each and every one of these kids.

Parenting is a job that comes with honor. It is opportunity to honor the soul with what each child comes to Earth. I have been blessed to embrace these beings and to have them teach me life lessons. With each child I learned something wonderful:

My son Lorenzo taught me to be patient; that everything works out. He is calm and kind, he is strong and he is oh-so-logical. He is my Rock.

My daughter Natalie taught me to quit worrying about what others think. She encourages me to be a better me each time I speak with her. She is my Gypsy Soul.

Andrea taught me to do what I want. She is strong, both physically and willed. She is has shown me resilience. She is my Strength.

Hilary brings me laughter and joy. Her humor and hard work have taught me dedication. She is my Muse.

My baby, Mia, has reminded me of all the attributes of the first four, then she topped it with gentleness. She taught me that being gentle and soft are just as important as strength, faith, and will. She is my Soft Touch.

Mia and Momie

These gifts came with the price of worry and fear. They came with hoping I was doing the right thing by each of them and faith it would all be okay.

Today I am pausing to honor these gifts, to reflect on the precious value they offer to me. My five gems, all polished and brilliant. I am proud of the people they are and of the person they have encouraged me to be.

Blessed be the child
Blessed be the mother
Blessed be the wild
and Blessed be tender

As it is and so it shall always be……

Summer time, Solstice, Strawberry Moon and Magic!

June is a magical time to reflect upon the first six month of the year…. Graduations, promotions, vacations, and tributes to a job well done come at this time of year.

All that we have worked for, cultivating our dreams and honoring responsibilities, is beginning to show signs of completion. First fruit is on the trees, tight buds are opening with delightful blossoms to be revealed.

Ah, a great time to put our feet up and admire hard work.

BUT! It may not all be done yet… how do we get that strength to push forward to ensure tasks are complete? Evaluation.


Summer Solstice presents the longest day of the year. The Full moon shines light into the dark. Both events offer a chance to take one more look to finalize our creations before we truly sit back and reap our rewards.

This month June’s Practical Magic Women’s Moon Circle will be held on the THIRD Monday of the month. We will celebrate the Solstice and the end of the Full Strawberry Moon. We will invoke Goddesses, offer Gratitude, and our ritual will be Magic!

Join me at Songbird Center at 6:30 on Monday the 19th to share in this delightful time of year!

I look forward to seeing you there! Blessings of love, light, and of course~ Magic!

Moons, Junes and Ferris Wheels….

Next month the June moon circle will not take place as it is my daughter’s graduation weekend! The baby of the clan, and we are so happy!

July’s moon circle falls during the Fourth of July holiday, so I may plan another date and a glorious trip to the beach for some magical spell casting!

August will bring a first harvest moon on it’s regular day and time, though September’s moon circle falls on the Labor Day weekend.

At this time October, November, and December will still take place as scheduled.

I look forward to seeing all as we can! Blessed Be!

La Bona Dea

long and winding road...l

Merry Month of May

Practical Magic will celebrate Beltane at the next Moon Circle!
Monday, May 1st we will delve into the magical goddesses invoked during the first summer days!


We will honor our wishes and renew our commitments (Remember your New Year’s Resolution? How is it coming along? Time to recharge it?) We will enjoy company, circle, ritual, and craft!
See you there!

Songbird Center at 6:30pm— Upstairs

If you want to participate in a Full Circle Celebration, please come to the Songbird Special Event on Sunday, May 7th from 2-6pm. I am leading the May Day Celebration and I hope to see you there! xo

Flirting with Femininity

Spring Bouquet

Spring always reminds me of being a teenager. I wanted so much to be grown and in charge of my life! I was learning about boy/girl relationships, how I liked to dress, how I felt when I wore Kissing Potion…. yeah, remember that sticky sweet lip gloss… bubble-gum flavor! Yeah!

I remember the angst of learning to be patient. (Still my downfall!) I was a bud just waiting to bloom! I couldn’t wait to have my own life. I discovered sexuality, sensuality, and despair. It was all a magical and mysterious time.

My husband laughs at me, because here I am, all fifty-three years of me, and I still have no patience. He laughs because when the flowers make their buds I have to go peel back the outer layer of petal to see what color they will be. See? No patience! Ha!

Funny how now I spend some of my days recalling what was instead of pushing toward the future. Maybe I am accepting patience after all.

April’s Practical Magic Women’s Circle will be celebrating and flirting with the Feminine. It is a chance to awaken or reacquaint yourself with our divine feminine…. Spring is a time to open up, just like the blooming buds!

I hope you will join me and have some fun as we discover the magic of our personal power! Ready ladies? Let’s jump into spring with both feet!

Monday, April 3rd from 6:30-8pm… Gather at 6:15
Songbird Center, Upstairs Back
By Donation $5-15

March Moon Circle…. let’s go out and PLAY

We had such fun making our Mermaid Rattles and sharing our happy childhood memories! There’s plenty of time to go out and PLAY! Blessed Be!

Mermaid Rattle used to conjure happy childhood memories at any time!

Mermaid Rattle used to conjure happy childhood memories at any time!

March is such a fun month to go outside and play!

At our next month moon cirlce we will delve into childhood joy. We will journey to the past to bring back some good times and fun into our lives…..

One way we will do that is to make a Mermaid Rattle… Yep, a Mermaid Rattle! It will be used to conjure fun at any time!

Please feel free to bring any small tokens or items that will fit into a jar, but I have lots of stuff too!

See you at Songbird at 6:15 to gather and 6:30pm circle begins— See you MOONday, 3/6. Love and Happiness to you!


Up There and Down Here….

Up There and Down Here
An original poem by Pennelope Rinn

Mistletoe, Oak, and Sky

Up there the sun is shining
Down here the skies are swollen and grey
Up there joyful tears overflow bringing rain to my broken heart below

Up there drums are beating and there is great rejoicing
Down here there is keening and empty sighing
Up there dancing begins but we only hear thunder rumbling

Up there is a party, a celebration, a return
Down here is a void, a vacancy, an absence.
Up there are greetings of our newly departed loved one

Up there the Angels are singing
Down here we are wailing
That’s how it is up there, and down here, since our beloved Brigid passed away

Blessings at Imbolc

Brigid is coming.
Her gentle caress across the land stirs creatures and plants from slumber.
Her warm fires thaw the ice, the cold water trickles into the earth.
She nudges us from our sleep; “time to wake,” she calls, “the world is waiting for you!

This little creation was made by me to share this weekend at at Imbolc Sabbat.

This little creation was made by me to share this weekend at Imbolc Sabbat.

Dare to vision! Dare to use your voice! Your gifts are needed now, more than ever. This is a year of opportunity, so take your moment, shine your light!

Brigid has got your back!
Welcome Imbolc, Welcome Bride, Welcome Sleepy-head, morning has arrived!