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Welcome, Imbolc, and Enter the Light

The freezing cold is upon us, and the temperatures barely wane. Cold air, cold water, cold earth. But underneath the crust is the business of spring!

Imbolc marks the first Holy Sabbat on the Wheel of the Year. Though it is cold and wet, frosty and icy, we might feel the stir of early spring waking us. We are ready to take part in the excitement and flurry that will be delightful! The awakening of Mother Earth and all her creatures is upon us.

The threat of danger, war, recession, the cost of living, healthcare, all the things are too much. Our hearts fall short thinking of those who suffer and cannot rise to express happiness in the world.

But Priestesses hold the sacred knowledge that all is with purpose, and sometimes the purpose is to find compassion and healing, or sometimes only to spread joy, even if it is only in our backyard.

While our Mother’s frozen blankets fall, let us warm one another with smiles and patience. Kindness kindles fires, and brief moments of care ignite sparks. If there was ever a time to be a morning person, it is now. Let’s embrace the dawning of this year with hope and a positive attitude. The smallest efforts open the way for conversation and compassion.

On these gray mornings, I invite you to find the sun, even the brightest silvery disc where it hides behind the storm; we know it’s there. Seek the light and share it wherever you may go.

As Goddess Brigid walks through the threshold to usher in the spring, may we follow her with lovingkindness, healing, and truth.

Blessed Be for a Peaceful and Optimistic journey around the Wheel of the Year for 2024. So Mote it Be, and So it Is!

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