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Archive for August 2015

Construction Continues: Expect Delays

I feel that all that I want is still in progress. That the “behind the scene” is nearly complete and that I am ready to move into the forefront again… And then I saw that sign while driving home 。。。 Construction Continues: Expect Delays

Meeting Cynthia

About two years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Sylvia Brown. At that meeting she told me that my Guardian Angel’s name is Cynthia. Okay, that was pretty benign and kind of anti-climactic, but, okay. Come to find out, the name Cynthia is a version of the mythic goddesses Artemis and Diana. Wow, they […]

Stand Still

And now we wait. It is knowing you planted the seed… but in the deep, dark earth, who knows what is going on? This time of year is about reaping and sowing. Sacrificing what was in order to create what will be, something that will benefit your life and your purpose. So, basically, the seed […]

Sometimes you are the Tower

  If you know anything about the Tarot cards, you may recall the very threatening looking Tower, it is on fire and people are falling through the windows.  Your world as you knew it  is shaken like a big earthquake taking place, and just as you thought you were on top, the Heavens said, “No, […]

Goddess Fortuna

She rolls through the sky, her wheel spinning; Lady Luck, Fortuna, Habondia. These are the sacred names for the Goddess who crosses the sky with overflowing abundance strewn about from her cornucopia. We open our hands and hearts to receive at this plentiful time of year. As the wheel of time moves forward and around, […]

Lughnasadh and the Blue Full Moon

The Blue Moon rose tonight, so I went to the end of the land where the river meets the ocean. I thought of Sedna the Alaskan Goddess who ensures that the sea is always full and that there is always plenty for all. I gathered some stones and thought about what I wanted to call […]