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Meeting Cynthia

About two years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Sylvia Brown. At that meeting she told me that my Guardian Angel’s name is Cynthia. Okay, that was pretty benign and kind of anti-climactic, but, okay.

Come to find out, the name Cynthia is a version of the mythic goddesses Artemis and Diana. Wow, they are both moon goddesses and you often seen them portrayed with a bow and arrow… well, I am the Archer, (Sagittarius) so this was exciting to me. I’ll take it.

Recently I was headed on a road trip, about a two hour drive up the coast. I have been feeling anxious about all the things in my life that I cannot control. I was in the throws of a headache that I was sure was the onset of having a stroke, because that is how I jump to conclusions.

My daughter and I stopped to get some goodies for lunch and she wanted a sandwich from the deli. She sent me to find chocolate, bless her, because she knew that is the best cure-all that we reach for. After several minutes of shopping I came back to the deli counter where she was still waiting for her sandwich. Sigh. I just wanted to get on the road and let my stroke happen and get it all over with.

“I have a song stuck in my head, I heard it on the way to work and now it’s stuck in there,” said the deli clerk. “You know that stupid song, Shut up and Dance, or something like that? Well, it’s stuck in there.” We all chuckled because we know what it’s like… but that particular song, teeny-bopper as it is, has been my mantra lately. The words say; Don’t you dare look back, keep your eyes on me, She said you’re holding back; shut up and dance with me. (I know, a bit lame.) But to me lately, the words are spoken from the Moon herself, telling me to quit trying to go back, to move forward; let it all come in its own time. To chill and let it happen, in the meantime, enjoy life: dance.

Her words quieted my racing heart a bit. Then I noticed that she had a button on her cap. It may have been a RockStar drink logo, but all the same, it was a star within a circle. A Pentacle. Okay, two cool things now. I began to watch her make my daughter’s sandwich, finally, and noticed she moved with a particular grace that indicated that she was happy. She was happy with her work and the people around her. She was not in a rush, she was in a pleasant state and it began to move into my space. I began to feel relaxed and happy too.

She wrapped the sandwich up and handed it to my daughter, that was when I looked at her name tag: CYNTHIA

Well, that was the best. Shivers all over my body and joy in my being. I realized that this is what is in store for me. Keep with the faith, dance, and dream. Pleasant states are coming and my Guardian Angel gave me a glimpse of the future, my future.

We drove away, I did not have my impending stroke. A smile replaced the terrors on my face and we did not look back, we danced the rest of the day. Blessed Be!


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