La Bona Dea's Journal of Everyday Magic

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2023 Super Blue Moon

Ahhh, 7 planets are in retrograde and the moon is BLUE! The goal is to return to what was but to ask for improved conditions. For example, if you were making good money by working hard, but the income stopped, then your abundance is coming back. . . . BUT, you can ask for the […]

Spring Into Non-Action

Spring is a time to jump up and fly! To bounce outside and wander the earth, to look for waterfalls and rainbows. The sun beckons us to join him in the golden ray-filled days, and we stretch our arms above our heads and agree. . . it is time to move! Yet, sometimes it is […]

The Power of Imbolc

Honor the Maiden within at Imbolc Imbolc arrives as a soft whisper, a gentle breeze that rustles through empty branches, or it storms in, letting you know it is time to wake! Before the Wheel turns again, remember who you were last year. This new turn takes us on a fresh journey, one of promise […]

Merry Yule

Yule is quickly approaching and this means that the Wheel of the Year spun by! It is always amazing how quickly the hear seems to fly once the end is near. I notice this with each year that I get to take another turn around the sun the time moves swiftly and my hair is […]

Were they really Wicked?

You bet they were. . . but we know better We gathered to celebrate Samhain, and as I read the damning and wicked words from the Witches’ Hammer, the Malleus Maleficarum, we discovered what those words could really mean. First, you must know that the Malleus Maleficarum was the book used to take down wise […]

Samhain’s Arrival

I walk among the trees and notice the changing, falling, and decaying leaves. Dark brown acorns, roasted from these long, hot dog days, the snap of dry, brittle twigs, and the still and murky water in the creek near my home, confirm the Earth has tilted toward winter. She pivots, about to dip with a […]

Summer Harvest Time is Champagne Time!

Precious Fairy Godmother and HP Brigid took a field trip to Korbel Champagne Cellars and had a fine outting! Cheers! I am truly blessed to have my sweet friend Gailya in my life. She is the essence of divine on earth and her love and beauty grace everywhere he goes. Cheers my beautiful friend! What […]

Cats v. Dogs

Dear Beloveds I have both a cat and a dog in my sanctuary these days. I’ve had other cats and other dogs. I’ve had rabbits, too. But right now I am content with the wanderers of this realm. So, Dewey is about 2-2.5 years old and he is a German Shepard. He recently became my […]

Goddess Artemis and Her Bow

Walking the park path with my sister Priestess, Mona Calliope, I glanced down and I found the Bow. It belongs to Artemis, I know, for it was in the makeshift wooded area of a neighborhood park. The fallen branch, resembling a bow, is from a redwood tree. I grasped the handle and it fits like […]