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A Dracula Halloween? Not Anymore


This season holds mystery and thrill, as the sun fades and the fog clings to the earth. The darkness hides creatures and haunted beings. The empty trees have died for a bit, but plan to return in the spring. The thought of witches casting spells and making potions right out in the open after hiding away for the eleven other months of the year intrigues me.

The creaking bones of the dead and the soft sound of earth moving as the zombies unearth themselves to rise to life. . .

And Dracula!

I had the most fear of Dracula when I was a kid. I used to slam my hand against the light switch and run up the stairs as fast as my legs could get me to the top. In my mind, I’d hear the basement door below flying open, the sound of thunder and pouring rain, and then, in the flash of lightning, he would be standing on the threshold. Dracula in his black cape with red lining and his white shirt. He’d wear his family medallion, and the twinkle of his fang would scare the hell out of me. I could imagine his black polished shoes as he stood there in the rainiest weather I could dream of, and he waited patiently for me to invite him in.

All of that happened in a split second while I ran to the top of the stairs and opened the door to the main floor of the house. On the other side of the door was a warm, cheery home where no one could get to me. Our house was built by my dad, so I felt as if the fortress could never be invaded and old Count Dracula could stand in the rain forever for all I cared.

At least when I closed the door at the top of the stairs.

Mr Jack

And Now. . .

When I studied to become a priestess, I learned that there is so much more about Halloween, All Hallows Eve, or Samhain than Hollywood Horror. As a child, this holiday was magical and spooky, always spine-tingling.

As an adult and one who studies Ancient Goddess Culture along with the Celtic/Pagan Wheel of the Year, I understand the purpose of this Holy Day and its rites.

The Celts called this time of year SAMHAIN, which translates to Summer’s End. This time of year, we notice the earth gently letting go, the sun fades, the leaves fall, and the dreamtime comes. Summer will return at BELTANE when the Fertile Goddess makes her debut and all the earth re-awakens.

Another insight from the Celts is that Samhain brings in the FEMININE half of the Wheel of the Year. From these dark nights just after the Autumnal Equinox, earth and her inhabitants crave the dreamtime. Intuition, as well as, communication through the veil and divination, grow stronger in the darkness. The summer’s work, the full days of reaping and sowing, are behind us (the MASCULINE time of logic and brawn), and we are ready to rest.

In the dark, we can choose to hide under the covers or face our fears. The shorter daylight hours give us plenty of time to contemplate our fears and give us hope to tackle them. The feminine side of the year brings dreams and vision, signs, and clarity when we open up to receive.

“Receiving” is hard sometimes because we are busy with our everyday lives, our hustle, our grind, and taking out a mortgage to pay for the groceries these days. . . but taking a few moments to honor the dark as it arrives and embracing the opportunity to learn from our past is a terrific way to set new goals for the new year. And this time, they may come to fruition!

So, as I once feared old Count Dracula, I slapped the light switch and ran as if my life depended on it, grown-up me is different. Facing reality and its fear (the unknown) is less scary. I am home-free when I figure out what is happening or what’s needed. It’s how I release the dread.

I wish all of you a cozy and cheery “top of the stairs” if you need to run from the dark or the creepy guy standing on life’s threshold. Don’t hide under the covers, you’ve got this!

Blessed Be Samhain, Summers End, and pleasant visits from your beloved dead!

High Priestess, Brig xo

Note: The first part of the blog was written in my Jump Start Writing prompt class with Marlene Cullen. Click the link in the blog to learn more. . . I am glad I did!

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