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Today I saw an Orange Butterfly… it’s done, the magic’s begun!

Cast a Spell, Say a Prayer, Recite a Chant, Seek Knowledge, Give it Away

Once your heart has embraced intention it will linger in your being until you cast it out int the world.  This is the way that our ideas and thoughts take form and become our reality. When we are immersed in our intentions we tend to notice things that relate to the intention itself. For a time […]


Deep within, in that dark cozy place, Intention begins to wake and alerts us to her presence.  Like a little baby waking from her nap, “Here I am, don’t forget about me, you are of me and I of you! Listen to my cries to be nurtured and given those attentions I need to fully […]


This is my test run and first post on this site. This website has been created with a labor of love. My passion to share the joys of the Goddess led me right to my amazing son who created this website. He made it easy to use, (he knows his mom in not tech-savvy) so […]