La Bona Dea's Journal of Everyday Magic

Storytelling which touches the heart and awakens the soul


Deep within, in that dark cozy place, Intention begins to wake and alerts us to her presence.  Like a little baby waking from her nap, “Here I am, don’t forget about me, you are of me and I of you! Listen to my cries to be nurtured and given those attentions I need to fully engage in this life.  Don’t let time pass me by or ignore my cries, for so much may be lost without me!”

Hear and listen to your inner voice, it tells of Intention, your need, your purpose. Your Divine spark gains power with every Intention you notice and follow; recognizing worth and sharing your gift with others.  The world is powered by energy and motion, and so goes round and round….. and as your Intentions awake, so you fuel the life force and compassion toward others.

Awaken and set your Intentions upon the Earth.  May you walk in peace!

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