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We did a thing!
We made a collection of meditations and they are available for purchase. This booklet of 12 Meditations (Summer 2021) will inspire you as you travel the Wheel of the Year! And, coming soon are A Year of Magical Recipes (Winter 2021) and A Year of Rituals (Spring 2022). Keep your eyes open for them, we can’t wait to share! Blessed Be!


To realize all that has manifested

For this meditation, you may sit or lay in a comfortable position.
As you begin to take in a deep breath, the smell of tomatoes and fresh corn tickle your nose. The crisp smell of green beans, ripe cantaloupe, and sweet onions fills the air. You can’t wait to get to the field to see how your garden has grown!
You take your gathering basket from the nail on the porch and head outside. You admire the height of your crops, and you smile at the old scarecrow in the middle of its tangled vines. When you reach the garden, you set the basket down to grab the watering can. You fill the belly of it with water from the spicket at the garden’s gate. You unlatch the gate and with the basket in one hand and the watering can in the other you inspect your harvest….. You will have to invest in the booklet for more–Available on Amazon soon, or contact me directly.

In the works. . .
Vineyard Road I am planning for 2021 publication and The Merriweather Witches in 2023

Cover Vineyard Road




November 2020 I wrote an article about my trip to The Lucky Mojo Curio Shop in Forestville. This magical place is one of my favored escapes and I look forward to post Covid-19 days to return. The article is called “Aim For the Moon.”


Witches and Pagan's CoverMe and Witches and Pagans Cover Issue #38

. . . Who thinks I might have a favorite “office sweater?” LOL


September 2020 Two stories, “Maeve’s Wild Back Garden,” the tale of an older woman who must relinquish her family home, and the other, “Spiraling.” the story of a woman who must believe in love again, are both published in the Redwood Writer’s Anthology, Sunset, Sunrise.

Sunset, Sunrise (2)


August 2020 My story “Going to Paradise,” my true experience of a message from beyond the veil was published in Chicken Soup for the Soul, Listen to your Dreams.

Going to Paradise CSFTS2020

2019 California Redwood Writers Poetry Anthology  CROW “My Familiar” & “Harvest Moon”

2019 Short Story Anthology ENDEAVOR “Primal Cure”

2019 anthology books

October 2018 –

I hope you will join me for more events on my newly published book – One’s Own Sweet Way
Here are some enticing reviews . . .

“Great insight on the stress that young people feel today and their unique reactions. Not only did it make me feel like I’m not alone but helped me look at alternative coping measures. love this book” – Chris

“I’m so thrilled to have stumbled upon this little gem. Written with an edge of humor, this book helps shine a light on anxiety disorder: a very real, yet invisible disease. C.M. Riddle whirls you through the day to day of a sweet family trying to keep it all together. If you or anyone you know suffers from anxiety, or you are interested in learning about anxiety, this is a wonderful resource.” – Elboroda

“This is an excellent book about anxiety disorder and how one family, a mother and a daughter never gave up hope. A must read for patients and their families and others who want to learn more about facing the challenges of this gripping disease. C.M. Riddle really captured me with her writing and most of all, with her story. A real page-turner. A real gem. I highly recommend this book as a resource for patients, their families, care givers and therapists. A+ all the way!” – Sheryle

“A well-written tale of a family and how they and their friends deal with anxiety disorder. Told from the perspective of someone who lives with anxiety, it provides a great counterpart to clinical descriptions and dry textbook recitations of symptoms. Hopeful, intriguing and richly woven. I highly recommend it” – Chris

“One’s Own Sweet Way is a must read for anyone confronting the anguish of anxiety or those who care for a loved one with anxiety. This book is helpful for parents, teachers, students, and friends to understand difficulties and endeavors to attain hope while living with an anxiety disorder.” Lena Kibble, LMFT

One’s Own Sweet Way

OOSW Cover copyBook Launch FlyerClaire Byrnes is the advocate and confidant Neala turns to when her world flips upside-down. Anxiety and the havoc it wreaks are complex, but this mother and daughter stick together, teaming up to battle the disorder allowing Neala to graduate high school. Neala must conquer building fears as they evolve into severe anxiety disorders threatening to take over her everyday life.

One’s Own Sweet Way is a must-read for anyone confronting the anguish of anxiety or those who care for a loved one with anxiety. This book is helpful for parents, teachers, students, and friends to understand difficulties and endeavors to attain hope while living with an anxiety disorder.
– Lena Kibble, L. M.F.T.
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Thank you! CM Riddle

2018 Redwood Writer’s Anthologies
Redemption July 2018 (Short Stories)
“The Concordant”
Phoenix April 2018 (Poetry)
“Three Dogs” and “Change of Plans”

2018 anthologies

Lou McGrath published June 2018 in The Sitting Room

Sitting Room anthology


Issue 93 April/May/June 2018
Time For Myself page 21

common ground

common ground
The Holiday Issue, Dec/Jan 2015/16
The Myth of the Holly King and the Oak King, page 18

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