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Cast a Spell, Say a Prayer, Recite a Chant, Seek Knowledge, Give it Away

Once your heart has embraced intention it will linger in your being until you cast it out int the world.  This is the way that our ideas and thoughts take form and become our reality.

When we are immersed in our intentions we tend to notice things that relate to the intention itself. For a time I was feeling a lack of creativity in my life. I was stressed and bored with what I was doing and I was not having any fun. I felt the draw toward creativity and though I was not sure how I wanted it to come into my life, I had strong intentions of inviting it in.

I began to see the color orange everywhere; flowers, clothing, nail polish, even the file folder my boss handed me me before she retired; then suddenly butterflies everywhere! On a notebook, in the air; in art. It turns out that orange is the color of the second chakra; creativity. Butterflies are symbols of breaking out and transforming. Wow.

I had received the messages to move forward with intentions that are right for me at this time. I gathered my courage and my cauldron and cast a spell.

Now, I am a practical person and I don’t go around casting spells and making charms on a whim. This would be serious work because this is my life work here, and I am not about to toss something out there that will harm anyone, come back at me, or cause general misery of any kind.

So I cast a circle; called the elements and the ancestors, inviting them to guide me and protect me on my new journey. On the altar sat a citrine crystal (for creativity) and a lit candle of Mother Mary (The miracle worker). I was going to need all the energy I could muster, I focused on my intention to rise above my stress and boredom, inviting creativity and flowing ease of transition toward that intention to surround me. I envisioned myself, doing pretty much what I am doing right now, offering guidance to those who wish to follow me toward a happier and more fulfilling life.

I cast my intentions out to the universe, protected by my ancestors and Goddess, in hopes that it will come back to me and with it the creativity I craved and an outlet to share my important Woman’s Work, if you will.

And it took a couple of weeks. I tried not to think about it (doubt will lessen the strength of the spell), but it is tough and I was worried. Then two days in a row a lady-bug landed on my upper right cheek. A blessing from above, a show of luck and love; don’t worry, you have been heard and we are here.

Today I rise and write this blog for the change is rapidly coming and I am surfing on the crest of this new wave of creativity~ so long boredom ~ I am feeling alive!

Blessed Be!

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