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Time for Myself in Sagewoman Magazine….

I am so please and honored to be a contributor in this season’s issue (#93) of SageWoman Magazine. Please check out your local bookstore and markets for this special issue on Sovereignty. It poses a great question for all women who seek and are willing to FIND! Enjoy all the lovely articles, and please feel […]

Friday the 13th of October

Today is a tough one for me. The fires in Santa Rosa continue to burn, though they are headed east. I call upon the Goddess to comfort me, mine, and my communities as we gather strength to get through the next days. I thought this photo was a good one for today, because I am […]

Flirting with Femininity

Spring always reminds me of being a teenager. I wanted so much to be grown and in charge of my life! I was learning about boy/girl relationships, how I liked to dress, how I felt when I wore Kissing Potion…. yeah, remember that sticky sweet lip gloss… bubble-gum flavor! Yeah! I remember the angst of […]

Blessing of the Land

Al Ringing the Bell (a handcrafted gift from a dear friend) to Create Sacred Space Prayers and Monuments I recently had the honor of performing a land blessing ceremony for some very dear friends of mine. We gathered at their land and spoke of the many blessings they create in their life; a long and […]

4 O’clock on a Friday in June

My grandparents, Amelio & Frances Giambastiani with my son Loren James and daughter Natalie Jeanne-Marie It was Friday, June 24th, 1994. I was in Disneyland with my now husband and our four kids. We were getting ready to watch the Aladdin Parade on Main Street when suddenly I felt shivers so strongly that my whole […]

On Loss

I heard that the last New Moon (April) would whisk away “what no longer served us”, and I knew that whatever worried me about that would not be in jeopardy. I was fully aware, from past experience, that when things are taken from you, those particular things are what you never questioned anyway. If the […]

Prayer and Moon Beads

As you can see I have been feeling very “crafty” these last few weeks! Sometimes I feel the need to be physical and head out of doors, capturing nature in all Her glory, other times I like to reflect with old fashioned pen in hand and write, write, write. Then other times, I get the […]

Manifestations Take Root Ritual 4/5/2016

Our lovely participants produced these beautiful potted plants as part of our Manifesting with the Divine workshop at Songbird Community Healing Center this month. The Altar is devoted to love. Love of self, love of others, love relationships, marriage, intimate, and familial. Look at all the love on that table! Go forth dreams, become real, […]

Pink Champagne, Roses, Sparkles, and more

The dawn of spring has arrived and I am wallowing in its bliss! Awakening from the deep slumbers where I created my dreams, uncertain where they would lead, I find that I am where I want to be. In the seat of my happiness, created by self and manifested by me. I am able to […]

Glad Tidings

Wednesday, November 25th~ There I was, in the middle of the isle at Target, following my daughter toward the cat litter section of the store. My mind was wandering, as it usually does, relaxed in the mundane of the moment. Thoughts floating in and out when suddenly I realized I was getting confirmation from my […]