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Call to the Water Goddesses to Appear this October Full Moon

In Northern California, where I live, our typical fire season begins this month. The fires would be a few acres of grassland or a factory–something to remind us of how powerful and raging this element may be. But the last couple of years we have seen ravage and fury rise from the flames, and She has not been happy.

This year our fire season began in August. With several thousand acres devoured in Her path, all along the western coast, and She is still unfulfilled. As if to warn us, She conjured up the wind and flew her sparks once again toward Sonoma County, and we shuddered– and only three days before October.

The media warns our season has not begun, the fire departments are armed and ready to fight this month, alas, they are wary, but they are strong.

At this full moon, the veil between the worlds begins to thin, and I ask with an open heart, for the water goddesses to drench our land, to fortify our vegetation to be resistant against the flames.

Chalchiuhtlicue: goddess of water, lakes, rivers, seas, streams, horizontal waters, storms, and baptism.

Tlaloquetotontli: goddess of the rivers.

Belisama: goddess of lakes and rivers, fire, crafts, and light

Boann: goddess of the River Boyne (Irish)

Lí Ban: water goddess

Anuket: Goddess of the Nile, and nourisher of the fields

Tefnut: Goddess of water, and of fertility

Amphitrite: sea goddess and consort of Poseidon

Cymopoleia: a daughter of Poseidon and goddess of giant storm waves

Amitaf: the most beautiful of all mermaids, Oh, blessed Mermaids!

And of course, Brigid Yemaja, and Oshun, who protect the waters of the world, purification, compassion, letting go, and forgiveness, may the Deities hear our plea! Come to us now, protect our people, our homes, and our work.

We hear your cries, we listen to your anger, and we, in turn, offer our service to heal and love our Mother more, each and every day.

This is me, several years ago, representing Brigid and her Holy Healing Water

This is me, several years ago, representing Brigid and her Holy Healing Water

May the Holy waters of these Deities soothe the land and quelch the flames. May we walk through October with the beauty and grace of our cool, crisp mornings, and endearing observation of this remarkable seasonal change.

May the Goddess Bless and Protect us this Fire Season!
As We Will So Mote It Be!

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