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Thank you

When I was growing up I was taught to say thank you when people were kind to me or gave me gifts. And I am old enough to have had a great-grandma, Noni Rosie was her name, who gave me silver dimes when I saw her. “Thank you,” I’d say.

As I grew I’d notice things to be grateful for each day– the sunshine, the rain, the unexpected phone call from a friend, and flowers from my husband for “no reason.”

Thank you.

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My heart is filled with gratitude, and I cherish those who have been good to me, I am surely blessed.

Yet, I realized, one day, that I forgot to say thanks to someone extraordinarily special– Me.

How about you? Have you taken the time to thank yourself for doing all of the wonderful things you do for yourself? How about breathing and eating, walking, smiling, and allowing goodness to come your way?

A simple thank you will send vibrations to the Universe — “Ah, you like this,” the Universe will say. And then the Universe will align with your vibration and you will have even more to be thankful for. It may not be material things, but perhaps brighter days, or comfy clothes. Maybe a new favorite tea or, yeah, it would be great if it were cash. “Thank you,” is all you have to say. And of course, enjoy your gifts with gratitude. And who do you have to thank for this?

That’s right. Yourself. The Universe gives what you give to yourself.

Why not take a moment and write yourself a thank you note or make a list of 10 things that fly from the top of your head….

What are you thankful for?
And don’t forget to thank yourself for the gifts. There is something to the phrase: You Get what You Give and You Give what You Get.

Great big blessings of gratitude to you! And to Me!

Happy Harvest, Bright Thanksgiving, and Mindful Gratitude!
Tina, HP

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