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A Candle for Brigid

Bride's Candle


Ignite the Flame
Watch it Burn
A candle for Bride
The Wheel Turns

Sunlight flickers
Peeking through the Dark
She passes- Awakening Mother Earth-
Watch Her Magic Spark

Wake-up Dear One
For Spring is Coming
Welcome Warmth and Creativity
Listen to Her Gentle Humming

As You Wake
Remember Your Dreams
Imbolc is the Start
For Your Marvelous Schemes

Now the Goddess Gently Wakes You
From Your Sound Slumber
Ride the Wheel, Seek Your Passion
Through Samhain’s Deathly Ember

Blessed Be My Pretties!

I am very hopeful of a productive year on so many levels.
I have magical work, personal-life work, authoritative writing work, loving-myself work, enchanting my surroundings work, manifesting work, celebrating my motherhood work, health maintenance work, and Oh So Much Work- but I look forward to each and every task!

Please share your desires and dreams for 2019 in the comments. Thank you!

May your journey be filled with loving kindness. Namaste xo
La Bona Dea

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