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Lughnasadh and the Blue Full Moon

The Blue Moon rose tonight, so I went to the end of the land where the river meets the ocean. I thought of Sedna the Alaskan Goddess who ensures that the sea is always full and that there is always plenty for all. I gathered some stones and thought about what I wanted to call into my life. I planned to write the words of the things I wanted in my life and then create an altar by the sea’s shore as an offering to Sedna.

So, I gathered the stones then sat for a bit and contemplated what I wanted; safety, joy, health, wealth, bliss, love, and for good measure I drew a smiley face on one of them. I took them to the shore and placed them into a circle. I went to gather my candle and incense then placed them in the circle of stones when suddenly a large wave came and scatteredĀ the stones about-

“What the heck?” I thought! Now the incense was drenched and the wick was wet but I tried to re-gather the stones, and then another big wave came and knocked me to my knees.

I was wet now, and laughing, because I heard Sedna’s gentle voice on the ocean breeze, “I have already assured you all of these things, what you really need now is to trust. And so, I went a bit above the waves onto higher ground. I sent a prayer of gratitude to the Goddess and thanked Her for my blessings; my harvest on this Lughnasadh eve.

Count your blessings, they are all there waiting for you – Blessed Be!

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