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Stand Still

And now we wait. It is knowing you planted the seed… but in the deep, dark earth, who knows what is going on? This time of year is about reaping and sowing. Sacrificing what was in order to create what will be, something that will benefit your life and your purpose. So, basically, the seed harvested and then planted from the strong stalk that once was. Yikes!

Having faith is the mystery that you want revealed. From within your deep self ideas form and you are then called to bring them forth. How do faith and hope work? By casting your doubts from your mind, knowing you are not in charge. You did your part, you planted the seed. It may take root and bring forth more than you dreamed, it may lie there and rot. It is out of our control, and faith is all you have.

Embrace faith, kiss hope right on the lips and let go of your fears…. no matter the outcome. So stand still and wait, it is all going to be for the best!

A week later….
~ anyone who knows me will tell you that patience is NOT my virtue. I bought some beans and they are currently sprouting in a sprout jar… I have absolutely no patience, faith, yes, patience…no.

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