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Sometimes you are the Tower


The Tower

If you know anything about the Tarot cards, you may recall the very threatening looking Tower, it is on fire and people are falling through the windows.  Your world as you knew it  is shaken like a big earthquake taking place, and just as you thought you were on top, the Heavens said, “No, not at this time.”

I worry when I pull the Tower card, I prepare for the earthquake that will rock me and spin me in a new direction… one that I may not have seen coming.

Yet, sometimes, yes, sometimes, we ourselves become the Tower and we may shake the unstable ground that was lain.  It may be ourselves who need to “shake things up” a bit. It’s an odd feeling to know that so much energy has been building and that when that energy has reached its peak the rumble will begin and a magnificent force will break through.. and to know that it came from within is both empowering and frightening.

Though terrifying in appearance and threatening to your sense of well-being, the Tower is one of the greater blessings we may experience.  It is the ultimate “do-over” and the opportunity to begin again.  That does not mean it’s going to feel good when your arse hits the ground, but it does mean you are going to get up again.  You may walk in a new direction, you may cry and rebuild, or sigh and start from scratch, but you will begin again.

My experience at the moment is unnerving because I feel a great amount of responsibility for rocking that Tower.  I am reaching deep within and looking for forgiveness for myself, a task that is quite hard for someone who spends much of her life paving the road, not blowing it up.  This is a time for me, though, to push through, to breakaway, to become, to change, to evolve, and to grow.

What  I want is for the aftershocks to be subtle and the fear to disappear so that I can begin to build a new Tower, one where I may reside for a long while.  A call comes to me for peace, and out of the rubble it will come.

Blessed Be

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