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Glad Tidings

Wednesday, November 25th~

There I was, in the middle of the isle at Target, following my daughter toward the cat litter section of the store. My mind was wandering, as it usually does, relaxed in the mundane of the moment. Thoughts floating in and out when suddenly I realized I was getting confirmation from my higher powers that I was on to something.

I felt tingles across my shoulders, down my spine, in my thigh muscles and down to my toes. My scalp began to tingle and that was my confirmation: “Yes, you are right.”

But about what, what was I just thinking about? My mind did a quick back track to retrieve my current thoughts; gladness. I was thinking about gladness and how we all strive for happiness, but it is gladness we need to seek. Happiness will follow. I was able to dig in the files of my mind and recall the movie Pursuit of Happiness, (I think that is what it is called, with Will Smith….) and I heard “Yes.” This was exciting!

Today is my daughter’s birthday and the night before Thanksgiving. I have gratitude, for sure, and it has been one hell of a year, that I can tell you! I am filled with gratitude, but I won’t lie, there are certainly some regrets sprinkled in here and there, but as a positive person with the half full glass I mostly conjure up gratitude. But happiness? Happiness is not always there. Is is sometimes an elusive and veiled creature, just ducking around a corner, something I seem to be forever chasing.

That was what I was thinking while strolling down the isle of Target. The secret is to look for the gladness, it can be found inside of your own heart.

That is what my angels were telling me, “You’re on the right track, dear one, keep looking for your gladness.” The tingles brought a smile to my face; it didn’t matter that I was there for cat litter, what mattered was the cat. It goes for all things in this world; the perspective that you can see things in, the light side of purpose, the joy of gladness.

Practicing the art of looking inward for my gladness is now the top focus in my life. I don’t see how this can fail… after all, the cat just came into the office, a white fluffy purr of joy to let me know that, “Yes, we are on track!”


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