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Welcome Winter!

Return of the Sun

Return of the Sun

The rains are here after a long dry spell! Winter is on the way with cold mornings and some days I wake to frost on the car, burr! The days are surly shorter and the nights are long. I find myself looking for my pj’s about 7:30 at night. Ready for a long winter’s nap!

But as I enter the dream-time, from Samhain to Imbolc, I find myself reflecting upon the last year. I smile to myself when I think of some of the joys I had; spending the summer camping and watching my nephew play baseball with my sister and laughing a lot. (Champagne sure helped!) I enjoyed the stop at Frozen Arts where Mia got to experience Avocado Ice Cream, and I enjoyed Rose Bud flavor (it was like a wedding in a cup!); I enjoyed spending time hitting the gym with Natalie as we continue to strive for fitness; I made efforts to spend time with my son and his darling girl and to embrace my son-in-law more. Time flies by and I want them to know how much I think about them and love them. I reached out to my stepdaughters and their young men, and learning to let them all grow how they need to. I got some special hugs from my grandson (smile); and then there are my nieces! I could never feel more loved than when I am with them, all of them!

I made an effort this year to spend time with friends and family and it was all good.

At one point this year I had to reach beyond my comfort and find forgiveness…. it was just lying there, waiting for me to call it forth; ready to be shared with others and myself.

Reaching deep inside I found a well that began to overflow with a new level of compassion and peace. I learned to surrender and in doing so I found a deeper level of love that I did not think was possible. Suddenly I felt freer and more independent, which is kind of funny because I feel more needed and more like giving than I did before this year’s turn of the wheel began.

It is with tenderness that I will rest my head this winter and lull myself to sleep. Peace within and peace without is what I dream and hope for. Letting go and making room for a beautiful new year is what I will practice.

Today is the last new moon of the year a great time to welcome all the new things that we deserve, desire, plan and hope for. Next up is Winter Solstice and the return of the light. I invite you to take notice of the newness headed your way. The promise is yours and the gift is already inside you!


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