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Fun in the sun; Lizard Style

Today, after seeing several lizards in my yard (I rarely do!) and being at a location yesterday where the main decorations included that of the LIZARD, I thought: I should look this up…. here’s what I found-


Lizard medicine is the shadow side of reality where your dreams are reviewed
before you manifest them physically.

If you have a Lizard totem, listen to our own intuition above anyone else’s.
Pay attention to your dreams for they show us
what we do not perceive when awake.
Dreams are shadows showing your fears and hopes.
Make a dream log and record your dreams.
Look for your symbolic and reoccurring dreams and study them carefully.

Lizard can also teach you to become more detached in life.
Sometimes it is necessary to separate yourself from others
to accomplish what is necessary.
Lizard helps you awaken the ability for objective detachment.
It can show you how to break from the past.

Follow this link for more animal totems, you may be surprised by what you find! Have a BLESSED DAY!

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