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Time to Network

Networking Sigil

At our last gathering of Manifesting with the Divine, my meditation led me toward networking.
Yikes! That is scary for me, even though I talk…. a lot, it is tough for me to go out and to talk about me. What I do and who I am, and why I am.

Hm. How can I put it all into words and tie it neatly into a pretty package? How do I explain my passion for the Goddess and how She enlightens my life? Where do I start with the comfort I get and the bravery that She instills in me? (I mean, She is pushing me toward all of this!) She is the mother that we all dream of having. She is constant and true, ever on my side, even when life stings me or threatens to fall apart. She is there for me, She is of me, through me; She is me.

And through priestess-ing I wish to share Her, to introduce Her and to embrace Her more deeply. She is Divine. She is my Heaven and my Earth and I welcome Her into my life, with each breath.

So, here is the candle magic with the Networking Sigil that was born. I still have to light it…. I mentioned that I am a chicken, right? Well, I will meditate on the candle and light it very soon… After all, She is waiting.

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