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Discovering the Divine within and letting Her out!

A Candle for Brigid

Bride's Candle


Ignite the Flame
Watch it Burn
A candle for Bride
The Wheel Turns

Sunlight flickers
Peeking through the Dark
She passes- Awakening Mother Earth-
Watch Her Magic Spark

Wake-up Dear One
For Spring is Coming
Welcome Warmth and Creativity
Listen to Her Gentle Humming

As You Wake
Remember Your Dreams
Imbolc is the Start
For Your Marvelous Schemes

Now the Goddess Gently Wakes You
From Your Sound Slumber
Ride the Wheel, Seek Your Passion
Through Samhain’s Deathly Ember

Blessed Be My Pretties!

I am very hopeful of a productive year on so many levels.
I have magical work, personal-life work, authoritative writing work, loving-myself work, enchanting my surroundings work, manifesting work, celebrating my motherhood work, health maintenance work, and Oh So Much Work- but I look forward to each and every task!

Please share your desires and dreams for 2019 in the comments. Thank you!

May your journey be filled with loving kindness. Namaste xo
La Bona Dea

The Morrighan (Mor-ryan)

The Morrigan Three Crows in the Trees

Celtic Raven & Crows in Mythology- The Morrighan is a Triple Goddes- – Mother, Maiden, Crone, or the three aspects of life and the moon cycle; life, death, rebirth.

In Celtic mythology, The Morrighan is the warrior goddess, and she will shapeshift into a crow or raven and recognized as flocks of them. When the birds appear in groups of three, and they are seen as a sign that the Morrighan is protecting you — or possibly getting sending you a message with her visit.

Some cultures fear the sight of a raven as the raven brings a warning of battle or death. I prefer to notice the ravens and crows as visits from The Queen. For that is what The Morrighan is – She is a great queen who resides in both this world and the otherworld.

I have an authentic love and respect for these murderous birds. They excite me when I see them, and I feel safe in their presence.

Persimmons and Robins

Robin and Persimmons

According to the book “Animal Speak” by Ted Andrews, the Robin is a symbol of Spring and New Growth
And according to Scott Cunningham, “Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs, the persimmon is a symbol of the Feminine, Venus, and Water. Also, Changing Sex, Healing, and Luck.

Well, I am not sure what all of this means, but I think it interprets the possibility for me to begin the steps of making changes. I am in definite need of new growth in my life, and frankly, I need to “Grow a Pair” to take charge of my life. All in all, it works for me.

Curiously have been attracted to the color orange and I noticed that the persimmons and the robins are orange. ., which leads me to think about chakras and alignment and all of that so-

I read “Orange is the color of joy and creativity. Orange promotes a sense of general wellness and emotional energy that should be shared, such as compassion, passion, and warmth. Orange will help a person recover from disappointments, a wounded heart, or a blow to one’s pride.” from the internet and boy, this speaks loudly to me.

And as far as the Chakra, well, Orange stones increase and aid personal power, self-esteem, and confidence. A balance of orange will let a person handle the ups and downs of life with finesse, quickly recovering from disappointments or wounded heart or pride. Orange represents confidence, joy, and enthusiasm.

Sacral Chakra — Our connection and ability to accept others and new experiences.
Location: Lower abdomen, about two inches below the navel and two inches into the body.
Emotional issues: Sense of abundance, well-being, pleasure, and sexuality.

I have some work to do. The good news is that I have more to expand on with one of the books I am writing.

Winter Solstice and the Return of the Light

WS 2018 Indoor Altar

This is the Winter Solstice Indoor Altar. It remains on my table today, though it was over a week ago. I enjoy the beauty which radiates hope for a new year filled with LIGHT!

WS 2018 Spiral from above

WS 2018 Daylight Cauldron with Tinsel Spiral
Prepping the Outdoor Altar for the Spiral Meditation

WS 2018 Me lighting Cauldron great yard shot

Lighting our Spiral Altar

Sometimes it is hard to imagine that the light will return, especially on these darkest nights and of course, if you suffer from the winter blues.

WS 2018 Lit Cauldron and Spiral

WS 2018 Natalie at Cauldron
This year, during the dark times, I have not experienced the blues or sadness. However, I have magnificently been filled with excitement for death. No, not the death of people or animals or plants. But the excitement of leaving my old unuseful self behind. Old Priestess Tina, the one with some lingering fears and lack of trust is fading away. Now, I don’t know if I can say it is because I have lived long enough to know that it all works out or just that I believe it will always work out. I do not have a careless attitude about life working out, but a hopeful and magic one.

WS 2018 Supplies for Ritual

Those are the deep roots my druid ancestors bestowed to me. I feel energies around me, those of my father, my ancestors, and my heritage, they all back me right now. Honoring the Return of the Light is a way for us to look upon ourselves, see what gifts we were given and to choose to share them with our world.

At this ritual we allowed ourselves to honor that which we carry, and make intentions to deliver our gifts to our community and each other. The talents we are blessed with are there for us to connect with our higher selves and to attain our greatest good. This is a way that we may each bring our own light at the turn of the Wheel.

WS 2018 Moonlight and Reading with Mona

Readings and Honoring the Full Moon

I hope you enjoy these photos, this message, and this blessed and hopeful time of the year. Tonight is New Year’s Eve, Eve, so as the Wheel continues to turn and our days move forward toward the light, I invite you to find your gifts and to share them with us.

May the Goddess Bless you and keep you well in the New Year!
Peace and Light to All,
La Bona Dea

Apple Bridge Spell for Samhain

We are experiencing a RED FLAG WARNING, so we will not be doing burning rituals today. . . so. . .


Walk to a bridge and with you take:
An apple and the choices you make~
Stand at the entrance of the bridge,
May it be in the valley, hill, or ridge,
This is the place you lay to rest
The troubles that led you to take your test
At this Samhain, Summer’s end
Reflect upon your foe and friend



Slice the apple in half –middle not up or down
See inside you view the witches holy crown
A pentacle will be seen
New hope of a new year to glean
Close your eyes and let go of what you should
(Toss half the apple into the water or gully)
Then imagine what the best of what you could
(Slowly cross the bridge holding your thoughts)

Once you have cast away the bad
Eat the apple, filling up with GLAD
When you are ready, return to your home, crossing the bridge, knowing that what you left behind will remain behind.

Blessed Samhain! Blessed Be! Blessed Witches New Year!
For more photos look in the Photo Gallery. . including the Wheel of the Year Spread, xo La Bona Dea
Photos by Jenni :)

One’s Own Sweet Way, or OOSW as I call it for short, is now available!

Writing this book filled my heart and my head. I lived through such uncertain times with my child who suffers from severe anxiety disorders. After the first two years of learning and coping with Mia’s condition I realized I had a story here that needed to be told.

I don’t consider myself a victim in anyway from this experience, but living those days made me understand the importance of parental roles. Kids need stability and sometimes when we parents are unfamiliar with what is happening with our child, it can be quite scary. I know I had my share of questions, doubts, and anger. (Some of Claire Byrne’s quotes are directly from my mouth! Yikes!)

Being the advocate for any child or person, really, has challenges, and when you second guess yourself because you are suddenly floating in uncharted waters it is unnerving.

One’s Own Sweet Way was written in support of parents and caregivers who want to be heard but are wary that their anger would mean they don’t care or love someone. That is not true. . . We stay and lose our own minds sometimes because we care enough to see the best results. . . endless love.

If you found a copy and you are reading it, I truly hope you enjoy it and find some solace for yourself and others who face these dragons and demons. My sincere love goes to you! xo La Bona Dea/CM Riddle
OOSW Cover copy

A little full moon blessing before the mid-term elections

I wrote this for a friend but realized how perfect is to conjure good choices for the up-coming mid-term elections……

Put something like a piece of jewelry or charm to absorb moonlight on this full moon –
Then say out loud:

Moonlight charm-

By the light of this full moon
each moment played out as if high noon
If goddess will and goddess be I gather high vision to see-

Expose the faults of each buffoon
Reveal each and every crazy loon
So In the light of day I know
Exactly where my seeds to sow

Guidance from the Lady –
clarify the “maybe”

In confidence I will stride
The shining ones leave nowhere to hide

This amulet in now charged
I’m on top and living large!

As I will so mote it be!
Goddess bless for it is so!

Leave your amulet in the moonlight over night if you can. Wear it when you need clarity (or to the polls!). 🌝
Blessed Full Hunter’s Moon xo La Bona Dea

Whisperings . . . and a grasshopper

Fall at Squaw

Looking up toward the sky, the glimmering leaves of fall have arrived –

“Let go,” they whisper in the breeze. . .”It’s time.”

I did a little ritual today where I crossed a bridge and I left my past behind me. Yesterday and today I saw a grasshopper. . . whatever can this message be? Well the same one I got eight years ago, but it’s good to be reminded, validated, and assured.