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If it no longer serves me, it’s gone!

Letting go of things, whether it’s clothing, household, memorabilia, or hurt feelings, even rage, it can be hard. We grow accustomed to things and feelings and somehow they wedge their way into what we think we are or what we have become. Not true.

Things and feelings, places and people are each a part of ourselves, but not our whole image or personality. Our experiences lead us to take paths, some hard, some not so hard, but the path leads to the true self.

At Mabon our tribe of priestess apprentices journeyed with introspection…taking steps and altering the now, letting the future present itself and gave it room to enter. We cleared some space and hung the welcome sign. We became empty vessels and blank canvases.

Pinecone with things that no longer serve

Tina letting go RR OFRC Bridge

With this clearing, we invite Queet Mab to offer dreams of all that may be.
Blessings of a joyful Mabon and Autumn Equinox!

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