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Tossing the Yule Log into the Fire…..

Greetings and a Blessed Yuletide!

Me at Yule
We are preparing to wrap up our Priestess Apprenticeship for this year and with the final Sabbat at Yule, the Apprentices will become Priestesses!

This year my yule log is made from a simple piece of firewood, but it is adorned with dried flowers which I have collected throughout the year. I added them to the log to release the past, both stressful and joyful, setting free any attachments.

Yule log 1
This past year, 2019, has been full of growth for many of us, and to wipe the slate clean, so to speak, offers a new and undistorted view of what is to come.

Toss that Yule log into the fire; let go of what was to create space for what will be. Pay attention to your dreams, and then embrace your power, knowledge, and courage to set yourself free!

Yule log 3

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