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A slow waking toward Imbolc

The sun streamed through the window but I rolled over in my bed.
The tulips began to push through the earth, but I strode past them.
The sunset a few minutes later, but I went inside.

Imbolc Greetings

I am waking from a different sleep this year. Not a long winter nap, but a dream time filled with omens and signs. I stayed in bed to savor those few last moments before I had to wake. I wanted to be sure I could fully kiss last year goodbye.

I am waking from a deep and heavy sleep, the kind where you knock-out dead to the world because you pushed yourself to the limit and your body is heavy. The kind of sleep you long for after the longest day at work, the kind you need after you fought illness, the kind you need to heal.

Before I woke this year, I tried to stand on my own two feet. I wanted to feel the strength in my legs and the power in my soul–the only way I know I’d have a chance to survive….If I got up.

So I took it slow, a stretch here, a nestle there. A peek into the light and a yawn. Waking from this slumber is more than coming out to play and create, it is coming out to live. I carefully set each foot into comfy slippers and made my way to the kitchen for coffee.

I am present, but still in my jammies.

Good Morning Imbolc, Greetings Blessed Brigid, and Welcome early Spring–this year I will not rush or hurry, but bask in each moment as the Wheel of the Year turns and I greet each day with new strength.

Blessed Be to all who wake, shake, and make our world the beautiful planet that SHE is!
Priestess Tina xo

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