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Dreaming. . . old dogs, new tricks

Last night I had an important dream. It involved small dogs, an especially important pair of small dogs, and a huge golden building that was a bank. There were many floors on this bank, and each level had a specific role.

I had nearly lost the little dogs, the female, Winnie, was always escaping. She was a slate-grey-blue in color and her male companion was sandy and tawny. He stayed pretty close, he knew who’d fed him.

Now throughtout the crazy twisty dream, the symbols had meanings, of course, but were also jargon; day to day tibulaitons. Those flitted through my mind and nothing jumped out to notice or remember, so I dismissed them.

The important thing was that Winnie kept fleeing and I had to bring her back. In a new scene, Winnie and her consort had been blessed with a litter of pups.

A thrilling sense of excitement washed over me when I’d realized, (backward from real life) that with the litter of puppies I could reliquish responsibility of the sire and dam, and throw all my effort into raising the pups. Weird,right?

WelI, I thought so too, until I’d realized that the male dog was grounding and that Winnie was a true-blue-loyal-companion-who’d sought recognition and love. . . she was a “winner” and no one noticed this about her. They only praised the play-it-sfe-dude who knew where to get fed.

A couple of overly excited women were more than happy to take on the adage of the old mates while I took over the new brood.

So, you see, the bank was the old “safe” institution, the Golden Rule, if you will and Winnie had to run away from that to find where her true-blue-loyalty should be applied. She left a varitety of places for ME to put my hopes and dreams, my loyalty and compassion. . . a safe place where they would be nurtured and would grow. Places that MATTERED.

So, that was my dream. I feel renewed, if a bit dizzy, but all the same, a jubilation of freedom and support are knocking at my door. I just have to insert the doggy door and let the pups come tumbling in!

Have a blessed day and may all your dreams be sweet and true! xo

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