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Mabon Magic An Autumn Spell for Balance

Accepting gifts is delightful—
And if it was only this easy to let it go!

Mabon, or Autumn Equinox, (9/21) is a time balance. Our first encounter was at the Vernal Equinox, (3/21)  focusing on balance to call and attain our desire, and now, at the end of the year, we realize and accept the terms we were dealt for this year.

And though we say goodbye to unanswered wishes or willfully leave behind what no longer serves us, we might still find, scattered under the layers of falling leaves, that something positive was born from the negative!

The same way Persephone splits her time between the Underworld and the Upperworld, we can learn to balance our attention so “not all is lost” or “I’m on top of the world!” because it is the mastering of balance that gives us power in our lives.

Here is a nice intention spell for letting go and giving thanks for all that has balanced in our lives.

It’s good to do this spell around Mabon, and this year the Sabbat and the full moon hover around one another, so it may be fun to blend them.

As the sun sets or after dark, set your altar with the following items:

For letting go—place these items on the right of your altar (Giving)

Black candle

A glass of wine or grape juice

For giving thanks—place these items on the left of your altar (Receiving)

White candle


For Balance—before you on the altar (Centering/empowering)

A green or gold candle

Pomegranate seeds or juice

A stick of incense

Clear quartz or your favorite stone

Decorate all around your altar

Leaves, acorns, moss, seed pods, feathers, or antlers–anything that reminds you of Autumn

Call in the Directions with special attention to the West as we now sit in Autumn Waters to release. Also invoke Mab, Queen of the Faeries, as she may bless your dreams; scattering any doubts or fears that linger. She may even assist your wishes to come true,

Light the white candle.

 After a moment, take a few deep breaths and consider all the good stuff that you did, or created, or time well-spent this year. Think about the treasures you found, or the fortunes that came to you.

Begin to say aloud all the blessings that came your way. Eat one grape for each stroke of good luck, bon chance, or a favorable situation that you’d attained this year.

Taste the sweetness in each grape and send thoughts of gratitude to the universe, the One who’d sent these gifts your way.

Then say, “And though in once full light, the sun fades and earlier comes each night.

Light the black candle

After a moment, take a few deep breaths and consider all the thoughts that did not manifest or turned out different, or not to your liking or benefit.  Think about the opportunities that slipped by, or the fortunes you may have missed. . . And be sure to appreciate those facts because those things were not yours to begin with.

Let go of any negative feelings with a few more breaths, then say aloud “I am grateful for the things that fell away, for they created room and energy for all the blessings that did come my way. Take the glass of wine or juice and swirl it Widdershins (counterclockwise) to grab any remaining regret or pettiness. Then take a sip of the wine.

Taste the pungent flavor of the wine. It is bittersweet, and what was once sweet has now fermented. Though it is not the sweet fruit, you can still offer thoughts of gratitude to the universe, the One who’d sent you what you needed, even if not what you’d wanted.

Once you begin to feel in balance from accepting and letting go, focus your intent on the pomegranate seeds before you. Unlike Persephone, you may eat more than six, for you now carry the wisdom to find balance in your life.

Light the green or gold candle

Using the flame from the candle, light your incense stick and say, “I call upon Mab, queen of the faeries to witness my strength, to embolden my hope, and to empower my intuition to show me what to call forth as mine.”

Take a moment to consider the goals you want to see for the coming year. What are you building upon, or taking away? What choices will you make for a better, healthier life both in the physical realm and the spiritual? Will you manifest greatness, calmness, happiness, or practice the not-so-simple act of letting joy unfold around you? What does the Faery Queen reveal to you?

Whatever your desires, breath in and allow yourself to surrender to the headiness of the incense and consume as many pomegranate seeds as you need to fortify your newly inspired wishes and hopes.

Meditate for a few moments, letting visions come and allowing the feeling of success flood your heart and mind with the excitement of what is yet to come.

Fold your hands together and raise them toward the sky. Say, “Thank you, Universe, for all the gifts you’ve sent and all those to arrive. I find balance at Mabon with no regrets. Blessed Be.”

Take a moment for the surrounding energy to settle from the electric buzz to a gentle hum around you. When you are ready, put the candles out and let the incense continue to float your desires to the heavens.

Close the circle by dismissing the Directions. Also, release Queen Mab, “Say, thank you for joining me in this Rite, stay if you will, go if you must, blessed be Queen Mab.”

Additional Gratitude

If you have any grapes or wine leftover, you might offer the grapes to the deities that guard your outside borders, and pour the wine into Mother Earth, as she has done some mighty thirsty work over this past year.

Merry Mabon and Thanksgiving to you!

Check the Photo Gallery for Pics coming soon. . . I am away camping this week but will perform this spell and I will post pics in the Gallery soon.

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