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When Easter is celebrated in Mid-April

Ostara Nosegay

My house is filled with bunnies, eggs, and mostly hope these days as I watch the flowers wake and bloom. The dirt is damp from the rain. . . and I mean THE rain. We only had a good showering on the 27th of March. . . and that’s been since sometime in early January. Ugh!

The spring decor was set out just before Ostara as I held our Sabbat to celebrate on March 19th. Easter is still weeks away, so I’ve had to dust and refill vases with fresh blooms. I peek outside to watch the Lilac bounce in the breeze and I sip a cup of tea. I am enjoying the length of spring this year.

Across the world, there is fighting, freezing, and hunger. It is still a miserable wintery soul in the East. From here I can hold hope for peace and the promise of spring for Ukraine and other countries that have been thrashed by a despicable war. Of course, I donated on Etsy in the beginning to help the Ukrainian people, and now I wonder if those souls are still on Earth. It devastates me, so I look out my windows again.

Daffodils bob, weeds flourish, and bees swarm the lavender plant. In my corner of the world, life goes on beautifully. Shadows dance on the lawn from the olive tree and the dog goes berserk when the sunlight reflects into the house. He’s strange but hilarious. He coaxes a smile.

Everyone in my household watches what they eat. My friends watch what they eat; weight management, diabetes, cholesterol, allergies. But I cringe that others are starving. We are so spoiled. . . many of our dietary problems are because we have too much to eat. Excuse the rant, I’m angry at the lack of balance.

This is the season of balance and so much is out of whack! Even the tulips whose petals dangle from the stems–They looked like Easter Eggs, but they won’t last until the middle of April. By then the roses, which are budding, will be in full bloom and it will look like summer by then.

What can I do about it? I can’t save the world. I can, though, save myself and those I love by seeking balance in our lives. My balance sways sometimes, like a pendulum, but eventually, it rocks to the center and hangs, giving pause. I guess that’s what’s happening for me today, a pause.

Are you in balance? Are you tipsy? What is in your Ostara Egg? What are you longing for? What is your hope?

I will seek hope in all the renewal of life. I will trust that beings greater than me can direct the world into a better place. I will bring balance into my home. It will be as simple as watching the flowers bloom after a long day of reality.

May all your blessings come with balance, may your heart hold hope, your head believe in trust, and may you breathe the sweet air of renewal! Blessed Be! xoxo

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