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Cats v. Dogs

Dear Beloveds

I have both a cat and a dog in my sanctuary these days. I’ve had other cats and other dogs. I’ve had rabbits, too. But right now I am content with the wanderers of this realm.

So, Dewey is about 2-2.5 years old and he is a German Shepard. He recently became my shadow. We have had him for just over a year and now where I go, he goes. (And he never misses a trip to the fridge.)

Miss Mitty is about 8 years old and she is a white cat. Sometimes she’s a snotty white cat who rules the arena with her persnickety self, but mostly she’s around to remind me to be independent while directing others. Cackle-cackle.

My Sweet Dewey the Goob

I don’t know what is happening here. . . Sweet Mitten

Recently I have been struggling with outside forces. Feeling uncomfortable and forgetting which way is up, or even down, the stresses in my body have bloomed from marigold to dinner plate sunflower in size. WOW and Yikes!

So, overwhelmed with emotions I had a marvelous dream. All my friends, past, present, near, far, familiar, and casual alike, all came to me in this dream and each one of them had a dog.

That’s right, a dog. I can’t help but feel that my angels are letting me know that when the world turns upside down that those who love me for me always will. And therefore I was given the gift of loyalty by these friends and what better way to display this in a dream is better than a pack of dogs. . . dogs. . . dogs

The beauty of life and our fellow creatures is they remind us to be who we are and also who we need to be when it comes to loving and supporting others. I am grateful for my human friends and my furry friends, all past and my present.

Blessed Be!

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