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Merry Yule

Yule is quickly approaching and this means that the Wheel of the Year spun by! It is always amazing how quickly the hear seems to fly once the end is near.

I notice this with each year that I get to take another turn around the sun the time moves swiftly and my hair is caught in the breeze of it all. Tears stream from the cold air and I hold my breath as if preparing to take another dive. In a few weeks, it will all begin again.

The organizing, the clearing out, and preparing to plant that new seedling– then the fertilizing, the watering, the excitement when it begins to break through. Oh, what a wonderful time of year, for this is when I dwell in gratitude and dare to glimpse into the future. The stirring in my belly validates excitement for possibility.

This year I have lost people I love, and I have come to admire the family and friends who carry on, carry their loss, but continue to live. Having faith and trusting that all will be well. . . all is well. . . for one day we all will return to where we came from. But this in between, this place and time called life– the spiraling up and down, sometimes sideways! but always moving forward and inviting us to take the plunge, to live our fullest, most happy life, this is what fills my heart with joy and my head with hope.

The merriest of joys on the shortest night of the year, for the daybreak, brings us on a new turn of the wheel, and a new journey.

In numerology 2023 gives us the number seven (2+0+2+3=7) and that means it’s time to put our best skills, spiritual work, and our gifts to work. I love to read Joanne’s angel numbers. . . here is the link below.

Merriest of blessings at this sacred time of year. May you rise with the sun and sing with cheer for a happy and healthy brand-new year! Blessed Be! xo

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