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Focus,Focus, Summer Solstice!

Summer Solstice is when the Summer Sun reaches it’s highest peak and we experience the longest day of the year. This is symbolic for us as we planted our “seeds” of desire and manifesting in the darkness of the Winter Solstice. Now, at Summer, what is it that we have brought forth?

For me it was many headaches. I was plagued with headaches as I reached deep into myself and tried to find new ways to look at things in my life. I have certainly been a victim of circumstance, I mean, who hasn’t? I came to realize that I had let those feelings of being a victim become a way of my life, well certain areas of my life anyway. I am a strong and powerful, manifesting, creating, athletic, fire-storm-burning Sag and I could not, would not be captured… until I was, by those dreaded victim feelings. THAT, had to go!

So came the headaches, pain brought on by my brain wrapping around new ideas, embracing new strategies to conquer my fears, the weakness I felt.

And the Sun Shines On! Melting the bonds of captivity that I have felt; freedom just a breeze away, clearing my path toward my own independence once again! As the Sun presents his longest day, I embrace the light that has helped me emerge from my own darkness, leaving it in the past. As the Sun sets and the days begin to shorten I will recall my new strengths and prepare for another turn of the Wheel at Winter.

Blessed BE~ Enjoy the blessings and fruits of our labor this Summer!! xo

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