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Autumn Smolder


A little check in with the Tarot….

I spent last year writing a book. (Still needs the rewrite and to be published…. but WRITTEN!) I am so pleased with myself. I had an essay published, a poem too. I have dedicated my time to this website and expanding La Bona Dea.

I am a Sag. We Sagittarius folk LOVE to keep moving. But just like fire we will burn out from time to time. Sometimes we get dowsed, and that sucks. Sometime though, we are just done. We need to smolder, taking time to regenerate our flame. That is where I am right this very moment.


Just like the Autumn fires, all that was reaped from the harvest is gathered to be burned; sending the ash back into the ground where it will once again bring forth life.

That is how I am. I did a Tarot reading and to be sure, there it was…. All the glory at the beginning and now here I am, suspended, just hanging around; twisting to see all from a new view. Where will I go next? That has yet to be revealed.

I am Jones-ing to get my book re-written and published. I have a plan, on a calendar, for pity’s sake! Obstacles are crossing my path; PLAY is inviting me to join her and RELAXING is calling my name. I even caught a cold that laid me in my bed for three days.

I am smoldering. I am resting. I am present, but I must Make Merry for a bit. I vow to take time to play, re-energizing to stoke my flame and burst forward with my book. With life.

So, cup of tea and time to think.

Then an Autumn walk with leaves crunching underfoot, smelling the last of summer’s roses. As I walk with my grandson’s hand in mine, I patiently smolder and wait for new breath to ignite me.

Blessed Be!

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