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Oranges and Bay Laurel Swag for the October Full Moon


I made this pretty little swag to place in my home for the Full Moon gathering tomorrow night.
Here in Northern California we are getting one of our first wet winter storms. It is a rainy day and it is supposed to rain all weekend. So much for seeing our blessed Moon Goddess! Oh, well, we do need the rains!

I sliced some small oranges, placed them on parchment paper and baked them at 170 degrees to slowly dry them. The smell was delicious! I gathered the bay laurel on one of my many nature walks with the dog. I laid the small branches out to dry several weeks ago. Again, wonderful aroma! I then strung them together, alternating the orange and bay with thin florists’ wire. This makes it easy to make a loop at the end and hand it wherever you want.

Bay Laurel’s attributes include peace, creativity– and perfect for October’s full moon– psychic powers and communication with spirits.

Orange’s attributes include love, divination, luck and money. (Can’t go wrong there!)

Blessings to you and may all the magic be yours on this October Full Moon! Blessed Be!

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