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Summer time, Solstice, Strawberry Moon and Magic!

June is a magical time to reflect upon the first six month of the year…. Graduations, promotions, vacations, and tributes to a job well done come at this time of year.

All that we have worked for, cultivating our dreams and honoring responsibilities, is beginning to show signs of completion. First fruit is on the trees, tight buds are opening with delightful blossoms to be revealed.

Ah, a great time to put our feet up and admire hard work.

BUT! It may not all be done yet… how do we get that strength to push forward to ensure tasks are complete? Evaluation.


Summer Solstice presents the longest day of the year. The Full moon shines light into the dark. Both events offer a chance to take one more look to finalize our creations before we truly sit back and reap our rewards.

This month June’s Practical Magic Women’s Moon Circle will be held on the THIRD Monday of the month. We will celebrate the Solstice and the end of the Full Strawberry Moon. We will invoke Goddesses, offer Gratitude, and our ritual will be Magic!

Join me at Songbird Center at 6:30 on Monday the 19th to share in this delightful time of year!

I look forward to seeing you there! Blessings of love, light, and of course~ Magic!

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