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July Full Moon in the Sierra Mountains

Wild Mountain Sage
Summer Waxing Moon over Wild Mountain Sage

Summer has reached its peak, settling down after a gloriously hot Summer Solstice!

Looking up toward the Moon, Her gentle and cool face gazing down at me; I am perched at the crest of a mountain range, I feel Her love pour down on me. The sky is still a bright and baby blue, the air is crisp and clean. I find it almost difficult to breath because the air is thinner than I am used to. She looks down upon me and I am assured that all is well.

Reaching the height of the year, that moment when all the seeds are planted, my dreams and hopes have been fertilized, some good old fashioned TLC and some bullshit, but fertile, non-the-less. I beg for answers that I know will come…. only in their own sweet time. Funny to me how the Universe likes to offer a glimpse here and there, just enough to let you think you have figured something out, only to make that left turn in Albuquerque. (Feisty old Bugs.)

I mentioned before that I am impatient. I have not one shred of patience in these bones. This is my curse and my lesson. I asked to trust this year. I am trusting, but I still want my answers and I want them NOW.

The year is only half way through. I feel like I am peeking into an oven at nearly- but not quite done- rolls…. I can practically see the melted butter on them while sitting on a plate…. I am impatient.

So I ask Her:  Moon, please continue to shine on me, please grant me the patience I need to cultivate my harvest. I honor the full year’s journey around the Sun, but I want to know how the story ends. I have wanted that from the first day I could think, dream, and hope.

I spent early July in the Sierra Mountains. Nothing, other than the melted snow pounding down the mountain, is in a hurry. Nature is unfolding at Her pace. I took slower steps and gazed at the mountain peaks. I gathered and cut wild mountain sage, crafting the fragrant stalks into smudge sticks. The sweet aroma calming me with each inhale and deep exhale. I took the time to enter the frigid melting snow water to rededicate myself. Honoring all my chakras and allowing them to open; both to release and to trust.

The night of the full moon I watched the globe turn from a coppery disk to a white plate, noticing the outward shining fire transforming Her from waxing action to resting grace. I felt the Summer Solstice smile at me, with its secret knowing, and its knowing that I could not possibly know…. but that I had to claim trust as an ally.

I left the mountains with a bushels of smudge sticks, some wild flowers, and confidence that all is now and will always be well. I am glad I took the time to honor myself and all the harvests I have gathered thus far…. Trusting that there is only more glory along this priestess path.

So Mote it BE!

Sage Smudge Sticks   Wild Flowers at Squaw Valley
    Sage Smudge Sticks                Wild Flowers at Squaw Valley

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