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Vikings, Vultures, and Angels summon a Slow start, quick changes

Being awesome has its downfalls. Because you are awesome too, I know you know what I mean!

I have been enjoying so much time last year flitting around holding circles, performing wedding ceremonies, laughing, loving, crying, celebrating, cherishing, (some yelling), and I guess…. just the emotional power of love took me over. Then I fell.

My body said no more for now, dearie, you will just have to recoup. So here I am. I have been working on my book, One’s Own Sweet Way for the past two and a half years, and am in the midst of getting it edited…. I have had 7 delightful Beta Readers take a gander at it, and they gave me wonderful feedback. Thank you Gloria, Christine, Jenni, Apryl, Mona, Linda, and to Tami… who still has to return her copy.

Last year my last child graduated from High School, and since the book is about her journey, those years were long. But the accomplishment is amazing! I am so proud of her and of me and of everyone who supported her during that stressful and frightening time. Now she is employed, still involved with dogs, has a driver’s license to go with her diploma and I could not be happier for her.

The New Year at Samhain I got knocked on my butt. The pain, forgetfulness, and exhaustion of fibromyalgia caught up with me. My sis noticed it really, when she saw the constant pain I was in and she heard me complain about every little thing. When you have fibromyalgia, doing a simple chore like the dishes seems hugely overwhelming. She heard my strife and sent me to the doc. I am taking care of myself now, growing stronger with each day, with the return of the light.

Angel's Gifts

I was worried about the meds taking away my creativity, my dreams, and my abilities to manifest and conjure, but I am pleased to find I have come through and my guides and muses are with me.

With Imbolc right around the corner I have been directly visited by an angel who channeled me for a story, she has left feathers, coins, and a purple stone in my path to announce her presence. I have been visited by images of Vikings, and seen FLOCKS of Vultures… the number 1978 made its appearance and- well- It is gonna be an amazing year for me. I hope you will stick around to see how this year unfolds. All I can say, is good thing I am rested up! It’s gonna start slow, but it is gonna take off! Blessings to you for a bright, joyful, healthy, and peaceful 2018! Blessed Be!

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