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Brigids Holy Water

Brigids Holy Water

The folks I speak with lately are telling me they have reached the end of something, the beginning of something, or at the very least are experiencing movement toward change. No wonder, I say, with this year comes the start of a new cycle. The past, if not left behind, will drag you down… so people are dumping the toxic, the fruitless, and the exhausting.

Welcome arms away the future. Listen to your guides, whether it be a croaking toad, the magnificent Hecate, or even dreams you dare to dream. Go for it!

Everything we are is made from what we once were, embrace your newness and sparkle in the SUN! Summer Solstice is coming, take time to examine what you need before we begin our tilt into the darkness. Listen to the whisper of the Oak King, what is his message before he forfeits ruling the sky to the Holly King.

Listen to his strength, his playfulness, his wit, his mentoring, and his power… I mean, look at an acorn and then an oak tree, right? That is powerful magic! Listen and follow your passion!

Above is a photo of me, presenting Brigid, and offering from her Holy Well. Find a sacred place where you can bathe, swim, or sip from a sacred body of water. Indulge in letting the past be washed away, and then step away, whole, clean, and ready to accept the beauty, love, and riches which are awaiting you!

Blessed Be, Harm None, And So It Is!

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