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Refreshing Skin Tonic for these hot June days!

I am a delicate flower.
I like the cool shade from a redwood tree
I like to sip on iced lemon water…. or chilled champagne

Refreshing Skin Tonic

Refreshing Skin Tonic

I like cool mornings, but I loath hot days. I am no longer working in an office with A/C, so I need a way too cool down in the afternoon….

I tried sitting outside under the redwoods, and the breeze helps, yet I want to feel refreshed.

I started making lemon water to spray on myself, but got some other ideas online and from what I have around the house…

Clean jar w/ lids if you want to make batches
OR a deep bowl for single use…

2-4 drops Grapefruit essential oil— Natalie turned me on to this lovely item, and I don’t care for grapefruit, but this is AWESOME stuff!

2-4 drops Lemon essential oil— add to the other oils so you don’t smell like you have been dusting with Pledge all day

1-2 drops Rosemary or Eucalyptus essential oil

1 Ts – 1Tbls of Dr. Teals Peppermint Epsom Salt.

Add enough water (If you don’t have a nearby spring, tap is fine) to make a light smelling, nearly clear batch of this refreshing tonic. Add or reduce amounts of oils until it smells right for you.

Chill in the fridge

Place soft washcloths in the bowl, or saturate from the jar. Then wring and drape around your neck, or dab wrists and throat, or use thick paper towels or other paper clothes if you want.

If you sit in a breeze it is extra soothing, or if inside, it feels good by the fan.

It’s gonna smell good enough to sip, but DON’T, for external use only.

Keep cool my Witches! xo
Blessed Be!

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