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She is here and She is Beautiful! Path of the Priestess

Manual for the course

Manual for the course

Join me for an adventure… awaken the Priestess in you!
If you have heard Her call, felt the quicken in your belly, the excitement of connecting with the Divine Feminine, contact me to see if this Priestess Apprenticeship is a good fit for you!

We will meet eight times throughout the year. Once at each Sabbat beginning in February 2019, and will follow the Wheel of the Year. We will ebb and flow of life as we journey through the seasons, connecting with Her and allowing ourselves to answer the call from the Divine Feminine.

Learn about Ancient Goddess Culture, the traditional meaning behind holy days, and connect with your own Goddess Archetype. Gatherings will take place on the Saturday nearest the Sabbat, and some study work will be required between gatherings. Fee for the course is $1,200 (Deposit of $200, balance installments may be paid at full moons)and it includes Path of the Priestess manual and Spirit Songs CD. Most craft supplies will be available, and meals are potluck. Circle times are from 8:30am-4pm for each Sabbat.

Please contact me for more information to participate in this wondrous adventure of self-discovery.

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