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Who Knew What the Jellyfish Knew?

buddy and jellyfish

I thought I was sinking. Dying. Not MATTERING!

Me at the Sea

I am buried under the weigh of chronic illness (Fibromyalgia) and the home repairs that my husband has begun eight years ago, (All are incomplete from painting, trim, baseboard, a shower without hot water, brand new windows that are still in the garage. . . from last year, broken light fixtures, oh Chronos, God of Time how the list goes on! To the jack hammered out porch steps, and entry walls torn down of over thirty days ago!!!)

Alas! The Jellyfish reminds me to not become burdened by these things which I cannot control or even more importantly am not RESPONSIBLE for, but to let my inner light shine.

Buddy and Altar

So, I spent time at the shore with my Buddy, and we performed a ritual to let all of these things wash away, to transform into finished projects, a gleaming home, and polished health. Blessed BE!

me and the altar doran beach

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