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A little full moon blessing before the mid-term elections

I wrote this for a friend but realized how perfect is to conjure good choices for the up-coming mid-term elections……

Put something like a piece of jewelry or charm to absorb moonlight on this full moon –
Then say out loud:

Moonlight charm-

By the light of this full moon
each moment played out as if high noon
If goddess will and goddess be I gather high vision to see-

Expose the faults of each buffoon
Reveal each and every crazy loon
So In the light of day I know
Exactly where my seeds to sow

Guidance from the Lady –
clarify the “maybe”

In confidence I will stride
The shining ones leave nowhere to hide

This amulet in now charged
I’m on top and living large!

As I will so mote it be!
Goddess bless for it is so!

Leave your amulet in the moonlight over night if you can. Wear it when you need clarity (or to the polls!). 🌝
Blessed Full Hunter’s Moon xo La Bona Dea

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